Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

By The Captain January 10, 2019

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

If you are new to the world of fitness, you must feel overwhelmed whenever you hear people talk about the best organic protein powder on the market. Not everyone is aware of the wonders of protein in an individual’s lifestyle. However, it would suffice to say that without an appropriate intake of protein, your body experiences ample cramps and weakness. An extremely convenient way of ensuring sufficient protein intake is through the consumption of a best all-natural protein powder.

However, before you pay a visit to the nearest nutrition store, you need to understand why your body needs protein, how much of it is needed, and how you can find the right protein powder. Lucky for your, as a newbie to the world of protein powders, you don’t need to look any further. We have highlighted some of the most important concerns of everyone exploring the protein powder world in this article.


The importance of protein in our diet

Protein is an integral part of the cells in your body. The state of your nails and hair significantly depends on your protein intake. It is an essential element in the process of building your muscles, bones, and tissues. The natural sources of protein are fish, eggs, and chicken. However, for vegans, the protein intake is severely reduced due to their dietary choices. Luckily, there are many protein supplements that they can use to ensure the intake of this vital ingredient.


Recommended dosage

Protein is a macronutrient, which means that your body needs high doses of it. While protein’s fellow macronutrients such as fat and carbohydrates can be stored in the body, protein can’t. So, how much protein is enough? Well, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the recommended dosage looks something like this:


Daily Serving

Total Ounces

Teenage boys, Physically active men



Children (age 2-6), Women, Older people



Grown-up children, Teenage girls, Physically active women, Most men



The balance of macronutrients during weight loss

High intake of protein and lower intake of carbohydrates leads your body to a state of ketosis. Due to this, you experience reduced appetite and losing weight becomes easier. This is why protein is one of the most talked-about topics in the world of weight loss programs.

However, weight loss is not only about increasing your protein intake. There is a balance that needs to be maintained by anyone seeking to shed a few pounds. Other elements, such as carbohydrates, fat, and total calories are also equally important.

Experts suggest you create a 500-calorie deficit in your daily diet to shed 1-pound fat every week. The total calories that you need to consume in a day will depend on your weight. According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, the most effective weight loss diet is one that includes a high-protein, low-carb, and high-fat intake.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

Types of protein powder

Protein powder is a convenient source of getting the protein you need. Protein powders can be easily found at a store or even online. They can be used for a variety of reasons and are considered perfect for vegans, athletes, and people trying to recover or build muscle. So, before you dive into the different types of protein powder available, make sure you know the exact reason why you wish to incorporate its use. The different types of protein powders include:


The source of whey protein powder is milk. In whole milk, protein is found in two ways, whey, and casein. Whole milk carries 80% of casein and 20% of whey protein. Whey protein is known to be one of the most popular amongst all types and is found in the market in three types, Concentrate, Isolate, and Hydrolysate. These three types differ based on how they are processed.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Pros: The quality and taste of whey protein are the most popular benefits. However, for some people, the cost-effectiveness of whey protein powder is a major deciding factor. Whey Protein is easily digested and is, therefore, a convenient option for those exploring the world of protein powders. Whey protein is also known to strengthen your immune system.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Cons: Just because whey powder is an excellent source of high-quality protein does not mean it is free of any drawbacks. Because of its dairy source, some people might find it difficult to digest it easily. These are people that are sensitive to the use of dairy.In addition, because whey protein is made by removing carbs and fats from the liquid byproduct, it is highly processed. Therefore, you need to be extremely vigilant while buying the right protein powder and check out the list of ingredients.



Casein has the same source as whey but is different in terms of the digestion rate. While whey powder is easily digested by the body, casein tends to take a longer time. Casein powder, therefore, remains in the body and slowly releases amino acids. Many people choose combinations of whey and casein when choosing the right protein powder.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Pros: Casein, as compared to Whey, has higher calcium content and is therefore considered a better choice for people that lack calcium. For cold recipes, casein is the better option as it tends to be much thicker than whey and has greater absorbability.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Cons: Casein has a lower leucine content that is an essential amino acid required for building muscle. Therefore, if you are looking to strengthen your muscles, you will need to increase the dosage of your casein powder. The texture of casein is also considered somewhat coarse as compared to that of whey. This makes it less likely to be used in recipes that include heating.  



Egg white protein powder is similar to whey and casein when it comes to the protein content involved. However, egg white protein powder is an excellent option for those that wish to use lactose-free options. If your dietary choices lack the presence of eggs, this is the best natural protein powder option for you.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Pros: As mentioned earlier, egg white protein powder is the right option for everyone seeking a dairy-free option. In addition, such a protein powder has a low content of carbs and fats. This makes egg white protein powder a favorite for people trying to lose weight.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Cons: Egg white protein powder is not popular amongst people looking for a tasty protein supplement. In addition, it has high cholesterol amount, which can be a problem for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. The amount of amino acids in egg white protein powder is less than that of whey and casein based powders.



Soy protein powder is a plant-based and a low-carb option. Soy is rich in protein content as well as some other essential nutrients. Such a protein powder is made from defatted soybeans. Soy protein powder has some distinct benefits.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Pros: Soy protein powder is known to have high-quality protein and a complete profile of amino acids. Athletes that wish to work on muscle growth see this protein powder as a great choice. There are many major health benefits that soy protein powder has including lowering the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and some types of cancer.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Cons: The texture of soy protein powder is a bit grainier than that of whey, which is not ideal for those looking for a creamy texture. The high fiber level in soy protein powder can have an ill effect on people with sensitive digestive systems.


Hemp protein powder is made from the hemp plant’s seeds. The protein powder is greatly used by vegans and is added to baked goods and smoothies. There are many health benefits that hemp protein powder offers.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Pros: Apart from being vegan-friendly, hemp protein powder also contains a high content of protein as well as 20 amino acids. The cardiovascular health of individuals benefits from the use of hemp protein powder. Due to the high fiber content, the colon is cleansed thoroughly due to its use.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Cons: The taste and texture of hemp protein powder might not be liked by every individual. In addition, like soy protein powder, some users may experience the gastrointestinal problem due to hemp protein powder’s use.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

What is organic protein powder?

When you decide to increase your intake of protein, you should make sure that the supplement you use is of high quality. An organic protein powder is one that carries only naturally found ingredients. The animal-based organic protein powders are derived from animals with a non-GMO feed. In addition, the cows (in case of whey powder) are not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic plant protein powder, on the other hand, is gluten and GMO-free. The manufacturers also ensure that they do not use any preservatives, colors or synthetic or artificial sweeteners.


Why you need organic protein powder

Many people do not know how to choose the right protein powder option. This happens specifically when you are new to the world of supplements. The price of organic protein powders is generally higher than that of others. This makes consumers question the need to buy such an option over others. However, you shouldn’t let the price tag scare you away! When you choose an organic protein powder, you free yourself from the consumption of any unnatural substances. Moreover, the cows that are used to derive whey protein powder, for example, are given a non-GMO feed. This means that they receive organically grown grass, forage, hay or feed.

It is important to distinguish between organic and grass fed, because in the case of the latter, the pastures where the cows graze may be sprayed with pesticides or herbicides or synthetically fertilized. This is not the case with organic.

In addition, organic protein powder seems to have less side effects. Consumers of organic protein powder can reap all the benefits of protein supplementation without having to worry about adverse side effects such as bloating or digestive issues which is common with dairy based protein powders.


Maintaining a balance between protein powder intake & real food

Protein absorption by your body depends on the quality of protein consumed. This makes it very important for individuals to choose only the best all-natural protein powder.Protein that has a biological value of less than 100 does not get fully absorbed by the body.

Knowing whether you need protein powder is essential. If your dietary consumption reflects ample protein intake, you might not need a protein powder. Therefore, you need to determine what your protein intake should look like depending on your body weight and other factors. Once that is done, you can then optimize a balance between foods and supplements.
Generally, it’s best to use protein powder to help reduce sugar cravings by combining it with whole foods to function as a meal replacement. This way, you obtain enough calories to protect your metabolism but also fight the urge to binge on sugary foods and carbs.


How to choose the right organic protein powder

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to know which brand offers the best organic protein powder for weight loss. Many people exploring the world of protein powder do not know what criteria to use when choosing the best organic protein powder. Here are some tips you can use:

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Carbs/fats ratio

If you are looking for the best organic protein powder for weight loss, a mass gainer might not be the right option for you. This is because brands that advertise themselves to be mass gainers have a lot of carb and fat content in them. This makes the one consuming them gain more weight than they lose. Therefore, if weight loss is your goal, you should look for a protein powder that has the right protein content without the excess fat and calories.

More than that, fats, for example, are more often than not derived from hydrogenated sources that contain trans fats, which usually raise the levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the ones of good cholesterol.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Sugar content

Sugar is now public enemy no. 1 for any healthy diet, being responsible for various illnesses and conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity etc. Certified organic protein powders should not include more than 2g of sugar or any substitutes ending in ‘ose’. That’s clearly a sign of processed and artificial.

More than that, many organic labelled products use stevia as natural sweetener but even this can be chemically altered and processed into an inferior sweetener that’s not natural food. So check the label properly.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Absorption rate

It is not only the quantity of protein that matters when choosing the best natural protein powder. The absorption rate of each protein powder determines the right time of usage. For example, the concentrate protein powder, because of its moderate absorption rate, should be used in the middle of the meal. Whereas the isolate should be consumed just after working out since it is absorbed rather quickly. The last type is the casein, which, as mentioned earlier, has a longer absorption rate. Such a protein powder is ideal for use before the end of the day.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet  Realistic promises

You might find it tempting to choose a protein powder that makes too many promises. However, you will see that most of these powders are inorganic and have many preservatives. The less ingredients, the better, therefore, you should stay away from powders that do not meet this criterion. In addition, there is a greater probability that a brand that creates immense hype charges an additional cost for the usual ingredients.  Bottom line, whether you opt for a plant-based or animal protein, it’s always safer for the sake of your health to pay a little more and go for organic.

Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

Top 5 Best organic protein powders

All in all, organic products are definitely a better and healthier option when it comes to supplements, due to their completely natural and down-to earth ingredients. These are paramount to your overall health. While the proteins, carbohydrates and fats translated into calories affect how your body functions, the nutrients in organic powders can significantly affect the way you feel. It is, therefore, extremely important to make an informed choice.

That being said, here are 5 of the best all natural protein powders on the market with good quality, non-GMO and organic ingredients.

The all-natural organic protein powder incorporates the use of healthy ingredients such as brown rice, pea, hemp, and chia seeds. One serving of the protein powder includes two scoops that carry 150 calories in total. You can enjoy 21 grams of protein and 4% of your daily calcium intake. The product is totally soy-free, also suitable for vegans and gives you 15% of your iron intake.

  • Creamy texture and good taste compared to other organic products
  • Good mixability, even with water
  • USDA organic, gluten free, kosher, vegan, GMO free
  • Not recommended for people with sensitive digestive systems


Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

People who do not wish to consume soy and want an undenatured whey protein supplement option, need to try this product. The saying less is more applies in this case because the product contains only 2 ingredients, among which sunflower lecithin which facilitates dissolvability. It is designed for both men and women who want a low carb, low calorie  and clean product.

  • Smooth texture especially when mixed with milk
  • 25g of protein per serving
  • 2 grams of sugar, suitable for most weight loss diets
  • Some consumers complained about the strong taste of whey


Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

You can enjoy 20 grams of protein with every scoop of this delicious meal replacement option. The taste of vanilla is predominant which makes it a favorite for many. If you want to enhance the taste a bit, you can add peanut butter, blueberries, and bananas. The supplement is gluten-free and free of artificial ingredients. The texture tends to be a bit grainy but the taste is the outstanding feature of this product.

  • 21 essential minerals and vitamins
  • Less than 1g of sugar, making it an excellent weight loss ally
  • 7g of fibers to help with the digestion
  • Some consumers reported stomach issues


Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

A majority of the consumers choosing this manufacturer have weight loss as their main goal. You get 30 grams of plant-based protein in every serving and a low amount of sugar. The taste covers a variety of flavors to suit most consumer’s preferences. It is a multi-source blend of premium, plant-based protein made from pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, organic sunflower seed, and alfalfa.

  • It contains BCAAs and glutamine which improves protein metabolism
  • Certified plant-based protein brand
  • 160 calories per serving
  • The taste is too intense for some customers


Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

This is a 100% raw protein powder that is free of lactose as well as any sweeteners. People seeking to have ample protein intake while following different diets absolutely love this product. The flavor of the product needs some time to get used to as its primary ingredients are protein and fiber. However, the taste of hemp is less predominant as in other hemp products. One serving consists of 8 grams of fiber and 15 grams of raw protein.

  • High in Omega 3 fats and antioxidants suitable for all kinds of diets
  • 8g of fiber to facilitate bowel movements
  • Hemp protein is cholesterol free
  • Some customers complained about the coarse grind


Best Organic Protein Powders For A Clean Diet

Our choice

Considering that more and more people go organic, it is very important for them to make an informed and suitable choice. In support of this choice, I tried to sum up some main ideas about organic protein powders and relevant products.

Among the products reviewed in this section, if you were to ask me for a clear winner, it would be Orgain Organic Protein Powder. The company has numerous positive reviews and offers a great range of reliable supplements, among which, this one  is certified organic and made from organic pea, brown rice, and chia proteins. 

The all organic ingredients found in this product are beneficial for men, women and even children, providing a healthy option throughout the day either as a protein supplement, dessert substitute or treat. The fact that it does not include any sugar makes it an efficient supplement for weight loss, with notable results among consumers.

Organic products don’t always taste good, but in this case, its delicious taste sets this product apart from others on the list. Besides, the reasonable price makes it an even better deal in terms of quality-price ratio.


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