11 Best Takeout Tricks To Eat Well And Lose Weight

By M. C. January 26, 2022
Takeout tricks

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  • Put it on a plate – You can put your takeout meal on a plate with one serving, as we know that a takeout meal has extremely large portions. By doing this, you avoid eating too much, while keeping something more for later! But make sure you know how to store them properly.
  • If you’re ordering a big dish, split it – When you get the cravings for that chicken tikka masala or lo mein, make sure you split it with your family, and add a healthier side order or a big salad. We all tend to order more food than we need because we think everyone needs their own main dish.
  • Don’t jump to the unhealthiest option – If you eat takeout food several times a week, you should consider replacing all the fast food with dishes that are suitable for weight loss. If you already had pizza this week, try opting for sushi, a salad, or even a grain bowl instead.
  • Remember to order a healthy veggie as a side – No matter where you choose to order from, there are surely lots of veggie options to choose from as a side dish. You can eat a healthy takeout meal just by adding a side of roasted broccoli or a nice Greek salad, and you’ll probably eat less of the pasta and more of the fiber!
  • Ask for healthier swaps – Nowadays, most of the restaurants will let you swap white rice with brown rice or quinoa, or plain pasta with whole-grain pasta or zucchini noodles. Instead of french fries with your burger, you can go for an amazing side of roasted Brussels sprouts or even some sweet potato fries!
  • Don’t ruin everything with soda – Just because we’re all used to the magical combo of soda and burgers doesn’t mean you have to go for it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I mean, even McDonald’s gives you the option to buy water with that Big Mac! By skipping soda, you can reduce a huge amount of sugar intake and avoid any unhealthy synthetic sweeteners.


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