11 Best Takeout Tricks To Eat Well And Lose Weight

By M. C. January 26, 2022
Takeout tricks

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  • Forget about those sugary condiments – While it’s true that condiments are the spice of life, they’re also wildly overlooked when it comes to the calories of a meal because they’re so small and tasty!
  • Get the dressing on the side or make your own – And I’m not done with the condiments, as salad dressings are just as bad. If you went for a salad with lots of ranch dressing, you haven’t achieved anything. It’s best to opt for a lighter yogurt or olive oil-based option, or even make your own healthy salad dressing!
  • Skip the fried food – Naturally, when it comes to takeout food, fried food finds its way into our hearts faster than any other dish. After all, they’re quick, easy to cook, and delicious. But if you’re interested in keeping a healthy balance, then you should cut the fried stuff out of your meals. You can opt for many other options, such as roasted salmon or rotisserie chicken.
  • Blot the extra grease – Did you know that you can get rid of all the extra oil from your pizza just by tapping it with a paper towel? Try making a habit out of removing extra grease from your food just before you eat it.
  • Skip the carbs as well – Even if you choose a dish that is rich in carbs, there’s a trick to try. If you bought a burger, just get rid of the top slice of bread and eat it open-faced. If you’re getting a burrito, opt for a burrito bowl and skip the tortilla!

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