7 Warning Signs You Need to Be More Active

By The Captain October 26, 2020

7 Warning Signs You Need to Be More Active 1

You don’t have to be a fitness aficionado to be fit and healthy. But, according to health experts, you do have to be physically active in order to enjoy every aspect of your life, in good health and with positivity.

I know it sounds like one of those cheesy lines, but it’s true. Moving your body is the most efficient method to keep your body healthy, your mind alert and to improve the overall quality of your life. Lack of physical activity, on the other hand, can have serious consequences on your physical and mental health. If the following warning signs strike a chord with you, then it’s time to get your body moving and incorporate exercise into your routine.


What you can do to be more active

Let’s say something’s keeping you from going to the gym or to your yoga class. Like a pandemic and social distancing rules. But just because you can’t make it somewhere outside your home doesn’t mean you can’t still be active indoors.

Dance while making dinner, incorporate some of your fitness moves while doing household chores or follow an online yoga class. If you work from home, you can try some stretches in between breaks. You might also be interested in this: Working from Home? Here’s How to Supercharge Your Productivity.

No matter what you opt for, just get up and move! Otherwise, here’s what can happen to you.


Warning signs you need to move more

You’re always tired

If you’re constantly feeling worn out, even when you have no apparent sleeping issues and you’re eating properly, blame it on your sedentary lifestyle. It might not seem logical to move more when you barely have the energy to go from the bedroom to the living room, but science says otherwise.

According to a study published in Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health & Behavior, doing low to moderate-intensity exercise for twenty or thirty minutes can boost your energy levels, reduce fatigue and make you more alert. “An object in motion stays in motion,” Chicago-based personal trainer Traci Mitchell tells her clients. “It’s kind of like getting that big boulder of motivation moving, and once it gets moving, your energy increases.”

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stressed woman

You’re extremely stressed

With everything that’s been going on lately, “stress levels have never been higher,” certified personal trainers Jim Karas says. People are concerned about their jobs, politics, not to mention the fear of becoming infected with the novel coronavirus. All these stressful issues can take a toll on their bodies and make them sick.

But a very efficient way to decompress and reduce stress and anxiety is to be physically active. Brisk walking, jogging, or simply stretching after spending a couple of hours working, 20 to 30 minutes three to four times a week can work wonders.

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restless sleep

Your sleep is out of whack

If you can’t fall asleep as easy as you used to, it might be because you are not active enough during the daytime. According to a study published in 2017 in the journal Advances in Preventative Medicine, moving more leads to better sleep, in terms of quality as well as quantity. More than that, exercise, no matter when it is performed, can boost your mood and mental well-being, according to research published in Clinical Psychology Review and the Journal of Sleep Research.

If you’ve had trouble sleeping in these past few months, more physical activity will help you get the sweet dreams that you deserve. You could also try these 8 Natural Sleep Remedies That Will Help You Sleep Better.


You’re feeling pain

We all know that dreadful feeling of waking up in the morning all sore and aching like we’ve been in a boxing match. Whether it’s your knee, your lower back, hip or shoulder, the solution to get rid of the pain is not to let is pass. You might not feel like it, but moving is the best way to put your muscles to work, loosen up your stiff joints and reduce the pain in the affected parts of your body.

Exercise is extremely efficient for people with chronic pain caused by arthritis or lower back pain. Moving more can improve mobility and the ability to perform everyday tasks.

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Your digestion is out of control

Brisk walking or running for twenty minutes will not only give you an appetite for dinner; it will give you the ability to digest whatever you’re eating, as well. Cardio is known for increasing heart rate and consequently contracting the stomach muscles, hence facilitating the movement of food through the intestines and reducing the risks of constipation.

You don’t have to perform difficult aerobic exercises to improve your digestion. It could be in the form of walking, running, dancing, and even stretching; the important thing is to stay active!

7 Warning Signs You Need to Be More Active 2

Your hormones are off

If you feel like something off, enhance your quality of life and regulate hormonal imbalances by incorporating more physical activity into your daily life. You’ll soon reap the benefits of higher estrogen, testosterone or cortisol levels and look, feel and think better than ever.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, even low-intensity activities such as walking can help regulate your hormones and put you on a fast track toward becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

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7 Warning Signs You Need to Be More Active 3

You can’t seem to manage your time properly

According to personal trainer April Sutton, many people feel like they can no longer manage their time properly because of their hectic work schedules and family obligations. “They can’t really think for themselves outside of their jobs because they’re so burnt out,” reveals Sutton. this is a warning sign that you need to do something.

Turning exercise into a priority can not only help you manage your time better but also regulate other aspects of your life, such as diet, sleep, how much time you spend sitting down. At work, you can also use these 11 Effective Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity.

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