Trick or Treat? 10 Best Diet Tips to Stay Slim on Halloween

By The Captain October 16, 2019

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Stay Slim on Halloween

Scariest night of the year? It can be if you’ve been working hard all summer long to get rid of the extra pounds only to have an entire night of celebrating the fun-sized candy bars!

For grown-ups, Halloween is not about keeping the ghosts away but the unwanted pounds! Luckily, we’re coming to your rescue with these 10 best diet tips to make Halloween less frightening, stay away from tempting treats and recover from a sugar-binge! Trick or treat, anyone?

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Trick: Buy candy a day before or on Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all sizes and shapes of candies, especially when many stores provide considerable discounts. However, if you know what’s good for your weight and health, buy the trick-or-treaters as closer as possible to Halloween.

This way, you’ll minimize the time you have it in your sight (hidden in the pantry is even better) and avoid possible cravings. Out of sight, out of mind!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Trick: Check the sugar content

Nothing says sugar better than candies! If you’re healthy conscientious about eating and giving the trick-or-treaters healthier, fat-free sweets, we applaud your initiative. Just make sure you also check their sugar content.

That’s because these so-called healthier options are often loaded with more sugar than you’d think. For example, a serving of Gummy Bears includes 30 grams of sugar as opposed to 9 grams of sugar found in 2-3 licorice strips. Not exactly diet-friendly!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Treat: Let your inner kid have fun

Nothing beats the feeling of holidays as a kid! But just because you’re all grown up, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good loot of Halloween candies.

Just like you used to separate your loot into candies you liked, sort of like and trade, do the same now! Don’t dig into the office Halloween candy bowl and grab anything you can. Sift through them and eat only the stuff you really like. In moderation, of course. I’m sure you had this rule as a kid too!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Treat: Stick to your eating routine

Candy is very difficult to resist, especially if you have a sweet tooth. But the recipe to successfully resisting the candy temptation is to have your regular meals, as usual.

Don’t skip any of it to save up calories for all the Halloween sweets. It’s not really a diet free pass. You’ll only manage to get overly hungry and end up overeating.

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Trick: Deceive your brain to eat less

Let’s face it. Even the most ambitious of dieters would like to enjoy a Halloween treat. But one treat becomes two, two become three and before you know it, you’ve got little left for the trick-or-treaters.

To avoid this predicament, specialists recommend chewing gum 15 minutes before you indulge in some candy. Checking gum can efficiently curb cravings, thus making helping you eat less.

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Trick: Downsize the trick- or- treat bag

The bigger the bag, the more candy your kids are gonna bring back home from their Halloween raid around the neighborhood.

So, adjust their bags so that their loot does not last for the whole winter. It’s easier for them and for you to keep your cravings under control if you don’t see stacks of sweets lying around and up for grabs. The smaller, the better!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Treat: Practice mindful eating

Halloween is not only for children. Grown-ups too can enjoy Halloween and the associated candies. As long as they keep an eye on calories and avoid mindless munching.

To savor the sweets as much as possible and avoid eating them as if you’re in a race to the finish line, eat one at a time. This gives you time to really focus on their taste and feel their texture. Not to mention that candies are low in fiber and protein, so it’s easy to overeat!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Treat: Drink a hot beverage

If you’re “on duty” handing out treats on Halloween, a sure thing to avoid getting your hands caught in the goodie bag is to keep yourself busy. Therefore, every time you have an opening in your “trick or treat schedule”, sip on something hot.

Hot tea, apple cider, hot cocoa or decaf coffee are good options to keep you satisfied and full and prevent you from munching the kids’ Halloween candies.

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Trick: Turn trick-or-treat into a workout

Trick or treating, apart from being fun for the kids, can also be healthy for them and helpful for you to burn some calories.

As long as your neighborhood is safe, don’t hesitate to take a leisurely walk instead of driving the kids around. 10 to 20 blocks equal a mile of walking and burning around 80 calories. You get to shape your waistline while keeping the kids happy and entertained!

Stay Slim on Halloween wellness captain

Treat: Give yourself a restart

If you’ve tried everything in your power but still fell victim to the Halloween-triggered candy crash, there’s still hope. You can start your day with fiber and protein-rich breakfast can stabilize your candy-induced blood sugar. Afterward, go for a run or your usual workout.

It will all help you recharge your batteries and feel less guilty after a sugar hyped day.


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