4 Well-Known Hygiene Myths We Need To Clean Out

By M. C. October 12, 2021

Photo by fizkes from Shutterstock

4 Hygiene Myths Debunked: 

  • Hygiene Myth 1: You need to use q-tips to clean your ears – These hygiene accessories first appeared in 1923, when the company’s founder, Leo Gerstenzang, noticed how his wife was adding wads of cotton to toothpicks, to clean out their baby’s ear. At that time, it was revolutionary. But now, things might change. Douglas M. Hildrew, MD, an otologist and the medical director of the hearing and balance program at Yale Medicine, believes that it’s unnecessary to stick these q-tips in your ears to clean them. In fact, it might be potentially unsafe.
  • Hygiene Myth 2: Douching will clean your lady parts – Just like your ears, your lady parts can clean themselves. But still, some people had a hard time believing that, so they invented douching. Douching dates all the way back to the 19th century, and it has been used for everything from birth control, with Lysol touted as an active ingredient that kills semen, to preventing infection. But there’s zero proof to back this up. But now it has been discovered that douching on a daily basis is extremely damaging for your body’s flora, where normal bacteria is present.


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