11 Worst Frozen Meals You Should Stop Eating Right Now

By The Captain January 15, 2020


Gluten-free smoked gouda Mac & Cheese

The gluten-free craze is still going strong in the United States. Take the overly delicious and popular smoked gouda Mac&Cheese. It’s the perfect example that gluten-free does not always equal healthy.

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It provides around 31 grams of fat, most of it coming from saturated fat. On top of that, just think of the multiple types of cheeses, whole milk, butter and liquid smoke and the calories that come with all that.

If you’re not familiar with the “liquid smoked flavor”, it may come as a surprise but that’s all there is to it: smoke and water. And more often than not, it also includes molasses and caramel coloring. Still think it’s yummy?


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