Exercise Schedule? Here’s How to Sneak in Exercise Into Your Day

By The Captain June 22, 2019

Exercise Schedule wellness captain

Exercise Schedule

When you have your whole day packed with work, meetings and all sorts of errands, how are you supposed to fit in exercise into this hectic schedule? It seems impossible. But there are actual ways to include more exercise into your lifestyle without having to go to the gym.

It can be quite easy and fun. So, scroll down to find out how to sneak in some easy exercises into your busy schedule and enjoy their endless benefits!


capit  Wake up and give me 20

If your morning routine consists of waking up and hitting the shower, squeeze in some crunches, squats or push-ups in between. It will only take 5 or 10 minutes, but a little physical activity will give you a jolt of energy and you’ll be one step further to achieving your fitness goals for the day.

Try to wake up 10-20 minutes earlier than usual to make sure you have time to incorporate such exercises into your routine.


capit  Use your morning commute

Do you live relatively close to your workplace? Then why not capitalize that distance and consider riding a bike or walking to get to work? This will not only help you burn some calories, but it will also boost your energy level and set a positive mood for the rest of the day.

It is a very effective way of putting your body into some extra motion instead of being stationary, in a car or the like.


capit  Turn down time into workout time

If you’re not willing to take the leap and opt for walking or riding a bike, you can also use your time stuck in the car, for example, to do some exercise. Every time you’re sitting in traffic, behind the wheel, flex your abs and hold for 20-30 seconds. Or try repetitions of seated push-ups for a few seconds.

Bear in mind that these are easy exercises but should be done only when the car is at standstill, preferably at a stoplight. That way you’ll stay safe while becoming fit!


capit  Opt for bags instead of shopping cart

When the shopping list allows it and you don’t have to buy the entire Walmart, carry your groceries in reusable bags instead of the cart. You get to engage everything from your legs to your hips and lower back, strengthening your core and overall stability.

You get to do your weekly grocery shopping while building muscle. What more could you possibly want?


capit  Clean your way to fitness

You’re probably not extremely fond of doing household chores. Nobody is. But just wait ‘till you find out how many calories you get to burn in the process. You’ll surely see vacuuming in a different light. 115 calories less kind of light. Same goes for washing the dishes.

Since there’s no shortage of outdoor or indoor chores, you can turn any of them into an efficient workout and burn up to 200 calories per hour. Find out more on how to burn extra calories without going to the gym by reading 5 Unconventional Ways to Burn More Calories.


capit  Exercise at the office

Working all day at the office puts your body is in a stationary position for quite some time and it can cause all sorts of muscle cramps and pains. You can change that!

Instead of sitting at a regular desk, try a standing one. It will help you burn around 88 calories per hour. If you want to talk to a coworker about something, get up from your chair and walk over to have the conversation in person. Instead of having lunch at your desk, go for a walk to the restaurant or even the park. Small steps equal big gains!

You might also be interested in 5 Effective Exercises to Offset Sitting at Desks All Day Long.


capit  Involve a friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. It’s not just a popular saying but also a science proven fact that it is much easier to stay committed to your fitness goals with the help of a friend.

Having a partner to exercise with makes it easier to stay motivated and less likely to bail on your plans. According to various studies, people who perform activities together with friends, not necessarily workouts but hiking or cycling for example, even have better weight-loss results.

So, whenever you’re starting to waver and find excuses not to do anything, call a friend! For more, check out 5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results.


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