5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

By The Captain February 12, 2019

5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

When it comes to the things you do, the more you do them the more used to them you get. And training makes no exception. You usually become so familiar with your workout routine that it becomes just that…a routine.  This does not mean you don’t achieve any progress but maybe it’s time to try something else.

With these 5 effective steps you can enhance your training and become more productive and happier with your results.

5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training ResultsSwitch up your workout

When your body gets used to the intensity and frequency of training, it reaches a plateau. In other words, you no longer have any visible results no matter how hard you workout or how healthy you eat. This is a normal reaction of your body but if you want to avoid this stage, apply the FITT principle.

  • Frequency: instead of going 2-3 times a week, add one more day and see if this works,
  • Intensity: if the activity you’re performing seems to easy, try to work a little harder, either by adding more weight or picking up the pace,
  • Time: Same with frequency, try to add at least 10 minutes to whatever activity you’re doing
  • Types of exercise: stimulating various muscle groups and body parts is more efficient so opt for exercises that work your entire body


5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

Take time for recovery

Generally, when your body does not have enough time to adapt to the exercise type, you’ll soon notice your performance is somewhat going downhill. In this case, it may be time for a break.

The simplest way to know if you need rest is to listen to your body. A 60-second recovery time could prove to be just what you need to let your body reset and come back refreshed and more energetic. So, don’t be afraid to take a break between sets, as long as you keep this interval consistent.


5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

Get a personal trainer

If you have the budget, a personal trainer can be a good addition to your workout. According to studies, PTs motivate you and make you push harder when you feel like slacking. Moreover, they can adjust the exercises to fit your needs and condition and avoid any kind of humdrum in the gym.

Let’s not forget a fitness specialist can easily correct you if you’r not doing your exercises correctly and provide useful tips.


5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training ResultsPick a workout buddy

If you don’t like someone telling you what to do, then, instead of a personal trainer, you can enjoy going to the gym in the company of a friend/partner or the like. It’s a demonstrated fact that planning something with someone else makes you more accountable and more likely to actually do what you planned.

The goal seems more reachable when you’re in this together. Not to mention that it’s way more fun than working out on your own.


5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

Steer clear from distractions

When you go the gym, your sole focus should be on working out. And although smartphones, smartwatches and any other devices can be useful training tools, they can also turn out to be huge distractions.

Studies show that checking your smartphone affects the intensity of your workout because you focus on doing two things at once. Not to mention that you usually look down to check your phone and this apparently affects your stability and balance by 45 percent.

Best thing to do is leave your device in your locker to avoid any calls, text messages or social media and focus solely on your workout.

5 Effective Steps to Enhance Your Training Results

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