6 Ways Natural Light Can Make You Healthier (and How to Get More)

By The Captain October 27, 2020

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It improves sleep

Natural light can have a significant impact on your sleeping patterns. Your body’s inner clock informs you when it’s time to wake up and time to sleep, depending on the light, or darkness, you’re exposed to. Too little or too much exposure to one or the other can send your circadian rhythm spiraling out of control, jeopardizing your precious ZZZs.

Various studies, including a 2014 research involving office workers, found that the more natural light translated into 46 more minutes of sleep every night. And when you have trouble sleeping, every minute counts!

Sleep-related information you might find useful:


It prevents seasonal depression

Autumn is many people’s favorite season. Whether it’s because it’s associated with more family time, traditions, pumpkin spice and whatnot, more than 33 percent of Americans declare themselves in love with the autumnal climate. On the other hand, for about 6 percent of the American population, autumn opens the door for a serious depression known as the seasonal affective disorder. SAD is a mood disorder that people experience when seasons change, associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythm and lower levels of serotonin and melatonin caused by lack of sunlight.

“People who are dreading the winter are not able to enjoy all these fall holidays and all the things that the broader population loves,” says Kathryn Roecklein, PhD, at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Psychology. Exposure to sunlight can increase the serotonin levels and improve your mood, boost your energy and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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