11 Genetic Diseases You Can Easily Get Tested For

By I. A. July 27, 2021
genetic diseases

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You’ve probably seen many people that are living a healthy lifestyle and somehow they have a certain disease they have to live with. Genes are extremely important when it comes to one’s health and development, and somehow, that’s good and bad at the same time.

Genetic disorders happen when there’s an unusual mutation in the DNA of body cells. They are usually inherited, meaning that you have to get them from your parents. But don’t worry, sometimes even if you are at risk of developing a certain disease, it might never manifest. That’s why, testing is important, so you can take measures in order to stay safe and healthy.

There are illnesses that result only because of a single faulty gene, but there are also Multifactorial inheritance disorders, meaning that, even if the risk exists, the disease is triggered by environmental and lifestyle choices.

Here are 11 genetic disorders you didn’t know you can get tested for.


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