Flu or Coronavirus? How To Boost Your Immunity For Both

By The Captain March 31, 2020

Wellness Captain Increasing Immunity for Flu and Coronavirus

Flu or Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the U.S. is now a global leader in confirmed cases of COVID-19. Clearly, the entire planet is focused on strengthening their immunity and if you are too, that’s great.

However, I’m here to remind you that there are still so many other viruses lurking all around us. According to CDC, more than 38 million U.S. citizens got the flu this season, leading to over 24,000 deaths.

Now would be the worst time to struggle with the flu. Right now, you and I need a strong immune system that’s ready to fight off any potential threat – say, a new virus.

So how can we improve our immunity to avoid the flu?


What you should know

If we weren’t confused enough about the new coronavirus, its symptoms might resemble those of the flu too. The most common are:

Attention: Nearly half of COVID-19 patients experience digestive problems like nausea and diarrhea; note that the flu can also cause the same symptoms.


How to improve your immunity

The same prevention measures we take against the SARS-cov-2 virus keep us safe from the flu as well: social distance, washing hands and sanitizing every suspicious item. But there’s one more thing we can do to stay safe.

Our immune system is an army ready to attack any invaders and it’s our job to strengthen it daily. Here are some simple ways you can do it right now:

  1. Take care of your gut

Frank Lipman, functional medicine physician, explains that ‘a strong immune system relies heavily on having a healthy, well-functioning gut – as 70 percent of your immune system is in the gut — and probiotics help keep your gut engine humming.’

Captain’s tip: Fermented foods like kefir or kimchi support a healthy bacterial balance.

  1. Use lavender oil

Washing our hands and using sanitizer all day long is great – but it can leave your hands very dry. If the skin gets cracked, though, it’s nearly impossible to avoid infections. Rubbing some lavender oil on the hands every now and then hydrates the skin; as a plus, it also acts as a natural hand sanitizer against common bacteria!

Captain’s tip: This small bottle of lavender essential oil is easy to carry around, smells great and keeps mosquitos at bay.

  1. Get extra zinc

Research proved that zinc is essential for good development of cells linked to immunity; as a plus, it is a powerful antioxidant and helps reduce inflammation. You can increase your daily dose of zinc by eating pumpkin seeds, nuts, spinach or beans.

Captain’s tip: If your physician thinks it’s a good idea, you can get extra zinc and vitamin C by taking these tasty supplements rich in vitamin C and zinc.

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