Aloe Vera Is a Hidden Treasure! Here Are 7 Smart Ways to Use It

By The Captain October 28, 2020

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By now, I think most of us have heard of aloe vera at some point or another. Whether we think of it as a pretty houseplant that’s easy to take care of or a sunburn remedy, this succulent is slowly (but surely!) taking over the beauty industry as well.

And while you may think that it’s a revolutionary natural treatment, the health benefits of aloe vera have been known for millenia. That’s right: more than 2000 years ago, Greek scientists referred to aloe vera as ‘the universal panacea,’ while the Egyptians called it ‘the plant of immortality.’


Is aloe vera that good?

Nowadays, we know that aloe vera doesn’t literally help you live forever – but it does help you live a healthier life naturally.

According to Lian A. Mack, MD, dermatologist, this plant is a natural healing agent for your skin due to its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes.

The plant initially appeared in Ancient Egypt. To survive the harsh weather conditions there, it started storing water in its leaves – hence its ability of keeping the skin hydrated and clear.

Therefore, aloe vera is an eco-friendly way of improving your skin and overall health – but be careful! ‘Natural’ doesn’t always mean ‘safe,’ since some people can still experience allergic reactions. If you’ve never used aloe vera before, it’s best to test the plant on a small portion of skin to make sure you’re not hypersensitive to it.

With that in mind, today experts show us 7 clever ways of using aloe vera to improve your skin starting today:

Face moisturizer

This wonder plant is extremely rich in complex carbohydrates, a key property that makes it a natural moisturizer. That’s exactly why you’ve probably noticed so many beauty products containing aloe vera. Due to its healing properties, this type of succulent can also work wonders for sunburns as it soothes and hydrates the skin.

You can use the plant itself to rub its content directly on the skin or pick a high-quality natural moisturizer from the market, such as this one.


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