This Infectious Disease Specialist Shares 3 Free Immunity Tips

By The Captain March 2, 2020

This Infectious Disease Specialist Shares 3 Free Immunity Tips 1

As the world is facing the first epidemic labeled as an international emergency in years, everybody’s focusing on preventing the coronavirus – which is great. However, infectious disease specialist Sandra Kesh explains that the common flu is just as dangerous, causing 16,000 deaths this season.

I’m not saying this to induce more panic; I just want to point out what should be our main focus right now: immunity. The stronger your immune system is, the better chances you have at fighting all of the germs and viruses lurking around.

Infectious disease specialist M.D. Sandra Kesh

M.D. Sandra Kesh and other experts offer three free and simple tips that improve both your physical and mental health (in times like these, the mind and spirit need strength too). Let’s have a look:


1. Live a balanced lifestyle

In the world of processed meals and endless to-do lists, keeping healthy habits seems impossible. However, Kesh agrees that ‘getting enough sleep and eating well’ really pays off.

Immunologist Heather Moday says that ‘sleep is when your immune system repairs itself, the mitochondria clean themselves up, and the liver does most of its detoxification.’

Getting the right dose of nutrients is equally beneficial to your organs and immunity. Did you know that ginger, for example, can cure a sore throat? That’s just one example of how we can maintain our health naturally.

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2. Do NOT overdo sanitizing

The number one recommendation issued by the World Health Organization against the coronavirus is to ‘wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub.’ Clearly, using sanitizers on commonly touched surfaces (think public bathrooms) is a great idea – but don’t exaggerate.

As Kesh explains, ‘if you live in a sterile environment, you will be more susceptible to infections when exposed.’ Your body still needs germ exposure to create antibodies, so unless you’re about to eat or using the toilet, you can relax a bit.


3. Stress less

I know, it’s easier said than done, but studies have shown again and again how stress negatively impacts your immune system and psychological health too.

A study conducted by researcher Suzanne Segerstom at the University of Kentucky analyzed over 300 articles explaining the relationship between stress and immunity. They found that acute stressors decrease immunity functions and chronic stress can even suppress normal cellular production.

Stress also affects general physical health indirectly by causing weight loss, migraine and hormone deregulations.


Right now, it might seem like a difficult time to stay healthy or happy for that matter, but I promise you this: there’s always something good to cherish in your life. Calling an old friend, telling a joke or just turning off the news sometimes can change your day entirely – all while improving the immune system!

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