10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine

By The Captain February 18, 2021

10 Things You Really Should Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine 1

When the news of a COVID-19 vaccine with an efficacy rate of more than 90% first appeared, the world was surrounded by relief. First developed by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna, the two-dosage vaccine has to be administered in two doses and it poses very few risks for those who take it.

However, there are 8 billion people in this world who need to get vaccinated; the request has been so high that the two companies simply couldn’t manufacture new vaccine doses quickly enough.

Then, a new vaccine appeared – this time developed by the company AstraZeneca – and it’s expected to be approved by our country too this spring.

Except that this time it’s different.

Everybody seems to be skeptical about this new vaccine, but why? What makes it so different and why are there so many countries not recommending people to take it?

Today, some of the top experts in the domain will help us answer those pressing questions and more. Staying informed is key to keeping yourself protected and healthy and now it’s time to reveal what AstraZeneca is really all about.


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