Top 10 Mosquito-Infested Cities in the U.S. (Are You in One of Them?)

By M. C. August 16, 2021
mosquito repellent

Photo by Elizaveta Galitckaia from Shutterstock

Is it really summer if we don’t obsessively slap our legs and arms of mosquitoes? Or let me put it this way, do you ever leave your house without that mosquito repellent?

We all have problems with these vampire-related insects that are super annoying, but apart from the itching aspect, they can also transfer viruses and diseases.

Also, there are some cities in America that are dealing with this issue all year-round, not just during the summer months. If you’re wondering what’s the name of the city where you’ll find the most mosquitoes, for the first time in seven years, it isn’t Atlanta anymore.


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