How to Clean Your Face Mask Properly, According to Experts

By The Captain August 17, 2020

Wellness Captain How to Clean Your Face Mask Properly

Looking back at January, who would’ve thought we’d be spending August still in the middle of a pandemic, trying to get things right?

Definitely not me.

I know it’s a huge effort for everyone. I know it’s hard to wear a mask when there’s 90°F and not seeing your loved ones for months.

However, if we want this pandemic gone, we must keep doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus and stay safe. Wearing a face mask is among the most efficient things you can do. Single-use face masks must be changed every 2-3 hours and cloth/fabric masks should be washed properly.

But what does ‘properly’ mean?


How to clean your face mask

According to the CDC, the most important thing is to wash cloth masks or coverings after every use. Here are the general guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control:

Washing machine:

  • You can wash face masks with other laundry and set the temperature according to the type of fabric you own;

Washing by hand:

  • You can use a bleach solution by mixing 5 tbsp household bleach / gallon of water; make sure that the bleach you’re using is intended for disinfection;
  • Soak the mask in bleach for 5 minutes and rinse well with water.


Cleaning face mask filters

If you managed to make your own face mask using a filter, that’s great! (If not, you can check out our tutorial here to see just how easy and cheap DIY masks are).

However, it’s crucial to know the basic rules of filter washing as well:

  • Coffee filters: Not washable regardless of the brand; make sure to replace them after every use.
  • HVAC filters: While manufacturers say that this type of filter is made for single use, HVAC filters can be washed; if you sew such a filter to your mask fabric, you can wash it the same ways explained above. Note that its effectiveness will decrease quickly, though.


Which type of face mask are you using right now? Share your thoughts in the comment section and let’s chat!

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