20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified)

By The Captain April 5, 2021

20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified) 1

We’re smoking

If secondhand smoking is bad, just wait until you get this information…

There are tens of types of human cancers in the world right now. However, the most common one is by far lung cancer. Why?

Because the most common cause for lung cancer is smoking.

The smoke from tobacco has more than 7,000 chemicals. At least 70 of these chemicals are scientifically labeled as carcinogens. These substances mainly increase your risk of lung cancer, but they also make you more prone to every other type of cancer as well.

The World Health Organization says that smoking is the ‘single greatest avoidable risk factor for cancer deaths.’ Sadly, this habit is causing almost 6 million deaths every single year.

Captain’s Tip: In this case, we can’t recommend anything other than to stop smoking as soon as possible.


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