20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified)

By The Captain April 5, 2021

20 ‘Innocent’ Habits That Might Give You Cancer (Expert-Verified) 1

We experience inflammation

Inflammation is often associated with disease, but in fact it’s a great thing. This is our body’s way of fighting off external threats or treating wounds; it is painful and unpleasant, but it’s the only way our immune system can save us from so many dangerous things.

However, sometimes our body starts fighting without any real injury – a process known as chronic inflammation. When this happens, your DNA is affected and the overall process can cause cancer.

Chronic inflammation is most commonly caused by smoking, drinking alcohol excessively and having an unhealthy diet with minimal nutritional intake.

In short, we can avoid chronic inflammation and its dangerous effects simply by living a healthier lifestyle.

Captain’s Tip: The first step towards avoiding inflammation is knowing which habits and foods cause this condition. Our post right here reveals 7 foods that cause inflammation, so you can start by avoiding them.


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