These 4 Hacks Can Help You Avoid Another Wine Headache

By The Captain October 20, 2020

Wellness Captain Wine Headache Hacks

Who doesn’t love spending some quality time with the loved ones drinking some wine and just enjoying life?

Not me – at least not if it involves suffering from terrible headaches the following day.

However, I do love a glass of good wine every now and then, so I had to figure out a way of avoiding any tragic aftermath that could ruin my schedule the next day. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent another hangover. The best parts? They’re simple, affordable and surprisingly effective!


4 Hacks to Avoid a Wine Headache


Hack #1: Remove the tannins with one drop

More than 36 million adults in the United States are suffering from a type of wine intolerance – and many of them aren’t even aware of it. Most of the times, such wine intolerances (which also bring headaches) are caused by the sulfites and tannins found in every bottle of wine.

Sulfur dioxide, or sulfites, is used to preserve the wine and prevent this beverage from oxidating; it’s also one of the reasons why wine is so delicious. Meanwhile, tannins are more frequently found in red wine and make the wine taste dry.

Luckily, technological progress led to many products that can eliminate tannins and sulfites in wine while preserving its flavor. Usually, these products come in the form of drops; simply add one drop of the solution and you’re ready to enjoy your glass of wine safely.

You may never know if you’re suffering from a wine intolerance, but if you truly enjoy this beverage, such products are definitely worth a try.


Hack #2: Drink water in between glasses

Here’s a rule of thumb: for every glass of wine you drink, also drink a glass of water. The same rule applies to any alcoholic beverages and it’s one of the most effective ways of preventing headaches.


Alcohol is considered a diuretic. Every product with diuretics increases the production of urine, which is why you need to use the bathroom so frequently when drinking wine. Unless you keep your body hydrated, you may end up with too little water inside your system in order to function properly. Headaches are one of the ways your body is telling you it really needs water – like, now!

Drinking water in between glasses prevents dehydration and helps your body process alcohol much more nicely.



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