5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York

By The Captain December 11, 2019

Running Spots in New York

Running Spots in New York

New York is the perfect city for avid or beginner runners, it offers a wide range of places to hit the pavement, from its iconic bridges to green trails and parks.

The scenic trails will take you to stunning views of the river and skyline that will surely keep you motivated and keep you going when you feel like giving up.

Here are the most fun spots to go for a run in the city, perfect for regular marathoners, treadmill-devotees who want a change of scenery, and newbies who are just starting out.

Central Park

5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York 1 Central Park

Central Park is the place that every runner and beginner knows. Whether you’re a casual Sunday jogger or a serious runner with many marathons behind you, Central Park is a runner’s paradise.

Central Park has many distance options and different types of terrain suitable for everyone. No matter what your preference is, you’ll surely find something that you like!

Battery Park

5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York 1 Battery Park City

This spot offers amazing scenery of the Hudson River and New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the New Jersey shoreline.

It has multiple parks, gardens, and marinas. The distance to the George Washington Bridge is nearly 12.3 miles—but don’t worry, the incredible scenery will motivate you to keep going.

Brooklyn Bridge

5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park are the perfect running spots for an early session. It’s the perfect destination for a sunrise run when there is no crowd and you can enjoy some alone time while working out.

You’ll also be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views of the city. If you feel like you can run more, continue to Brooklyn Bridge Park for an extra calorie burn, or choose a bench and take in the scenery.

The Highline

5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York 1 The Highline

New York is very crowded, we all know that. There is no great running spot where you can avoid the crowd, but the good news is if you’re an early bird, you still have a chance of jogging in peace.

This park trail offers 1.5 mile route with a side of stunning Chelsea views. It’s a good option for those beginners out there who can stop to take a breath whenever they feel like it, or sit on a built-in bench to enjoy the scenery.

Prospect Park

5 Most Iconic Running Spots in New York 1 Prospect Park

Prospect Park offers multiple running trails across its 585 acres, with a length from 1.5 up to 3.5 miles. Even though this is also a crowded place, it is way better than Central Park where the routes aren’t so manageable.

There are several track clubs you can join if you’re a passionate runner, like the Prospect Park Track Club. You can find frequent races and runs organized by the New York Road Runners Club and the Brooklyn Road Runners Club.

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