12 Summer Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy (and Entertained!)

By The Captain June 29, 2020

Wellness Captain Summer Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained

Summer Fun Ideas

Summer vacations may be challenging for parents, but having fun summer ideas after months of social distancing might seem like a real downer!

Every day, kids need to consume their (seemingly endless) energy, have fun, get along with one another and learn new things too. If you’re a work-from-home parent, coming up with summer ideas for three whole months is probably twice as difficult. Furthermore, is it just me or many games these days are plain boring?

Luckily, the virtual world is filled with inspiration. Today, I’m going to help you re-discover the joy of playing all day long with your little ones and, who knows, maybe even new hobbies!

Let’s get into it!


Summer Activities for Children


Discovering nature

  1. Grow herbs in containers. Coffee cans, mason jars, plastic cups, anything laying around the house; it teaches kids the power of recycling and responsibility in a fun way.
  2. Go bird watching. If your kids are old enough to use smartphones, offer them so they can try to capture birds on camera. They will be thrilled!
  3. Create a wildlife habitat. Have the little ones look for wildlife inspiration in books and try to recreate the habitat using whatever they have at home.


For rainy days

  1. Camp in. Put sleeping bags (or plain blankets) on the floor and set up an improvised camp – flashlights and everything. From my experience, I can tell you will have plenty of fun participating too!
  2. Make a time capsule. Kids love mystery regardless of age and there’s definitely something magic about time travel. Each family member can add an object in the time capsule which you can bury or just store away for however long you wish.
  3. Make paper airplanes. It might be outdated to us, but kids will spend more time playing with something they made themselves!


Use the brain

  1. Learn a new skill together. I love summer ideas that get parents involved too! This one motivates your kids while reminding you that life is still fun and you can do anything you want.
  2. Interview someone. I’d recommend that your kids interview an older relative, friend or neighbor; this type of summer ideas keeps them busy and helps them learn valuable life lessons.
  3. Have a puzzle race. Use age-appropriate puzzles featuring your kids’ favorite characters or places and offer rewards for everyone at the end.

12 Summer Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy (and Entertained!) 112 Summer Fun Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy (and Entertained!) 2


Imagine anything

  1. Collect and paint. It can be rocks, leaves, even pressed flowers – your kids make the call! The final painting can be used as a gift or an outdoors decoration.
  2. Hold a photoshoot. Have your kids create costumes out of toys and materials you have at home to pose as their favorite characters. You can print the photos and add them to that time capsule and that’s it for the day!
  3. Put on a show. Depending on your kids’ age, you can write a script or have them make their own story to interpret. Of course, if you get involved they will be thrilled!


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