Best Workout Playlist for Motivation

By The Captain December 20, 2019

Best Workout Playlist wellness captain

Best Workout Playlist for Motivation

We all have different song preferences and our playlist is such a personal thing. The songs you listen to can say more about you than you could ever say about yourself.

When it comes to your gym playlist, try to listen to songs that put you in a good mood and motivate you. If you like sad songs, listen to them at home but remember to spice things up a little bit when it comes to your workout music.

There’s no perfect pump-up song but there are definitely some songs that will boost your energy.

Add to your playlist bass-heavy tracks for your warmup. According to a new study made by Northwestern and Columbia universities, songs that have a strong beat make people feel powerful. A strong beat and bass is the best approach for athletes, and it will also help you get in a powerful mindset for a hard workout.

The higher the heart-rate, the faster your music rhythm should be!

Here is a playlist that will motivate you to go harder in the gym and work out like there’s no tomorrow

Best Workout Playlist for Motivation

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