7 Unexpected Ways Your Life Partner Can Impact Your Health

By The Captain November 13, 2020

7 Unexpected Ways Your Life Partner Can Impact Your Health 1

Relationships and health are closely related. Your partner’s eating habits, workout regimen or lack thereof, personality traits and even the number of hours they spend at work can all have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being. Curious to know how? Then read on to find out 7 unexpected ways your life partner can exert their influence and affect your health. At least, know you’ll finally have someone to blame for your love handles!


If they want to lose weight (and you do too)

Strangely enough, your spouse’s efforts to get rid of those extra pounds might have a negative impact on your weight loss results. According to a recent study involving 50 couples with weight loss goals, seeing your partner’s good results might prevent you from achieving yours. “When people close to us are performing better than we are, we can feel threatened and give up,” says study author Jennifer Jill Harman, PhD, Colorado State University associate professor.

This doesn’t mean you should not support one another, but, as Harman suggests, try to keep your goals separate and accept that your bodies are different and slim down in different ways.


If they’re positive people

A glass-half-full approach to life is always better than always seeing the glass half empty. A positive outlook makes you happier, healthier and even wealthier. If you’re lucky enough to have a positive and optimistic partner by your side, you should know they can help you improve mobility, avoid chronic illnesses and be in a good mood more often than not, according to a study carried out by researchers at University of Michigan.

More than that, an optimistic spouse can encourage you to exercise, eat healthy, feel better about yourself and can even extend your lifespan.

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