7 Unexpected Ways Your Life Partner Can Impact Your Health

By The Captain November 13, 2020

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If they have diabetes

Believe it or not, your risk of developing diabetes is 26 percent higher if your spouse has a history of diabetes, according to McGill University study which examined health data on more than 75,000 couples. Researchers concluded that the risk for diabetes is influenced by the home environment, poor eating and lack of exercise. This goes to prove that it’s not only family history that matters when it comes to health risks, but also a spouse’s health status.

Speaking of family history, check out these 8 Surprising Traits You Never Knew They Could Be Hereditary. There might be someone to blame for your lack of driving skills, after all!


If they make you feel happy and satisfied

Relationship weight is real. As far-fetched as it may sound, if you are in a happy, healthy relationship, you are more likely to pack on a few extra pounds. In one study by the Research on the National Center for Biotechnology which followed 169 newlywed pairs throughout their first four years of marriage, researchers discovered that happy and satisfied couples were more likely to become fatter compared to their less satisfied counterparts.

There may be various reasons behind this weight gain, but researchers believe the main one is happy couples no longer feel the need to attract a mate, therefore, not focusing that much on their body and weight management. In addition, happy partners share meals together, gain weight together and feel more secure about their love handles, because, guess what, the other one has them too.



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