10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn’t Eat

By The Captain October 21, 2020

10 Fast-Food Items That Even Fast-Food Employees Wouldn't Eat 1

Fast-food hysteria

Fast food is convenient, tastes good and is generally inexpensive. But convenience and low cost do not make it better. In fact, there are certain fast-food items that not even fast-food employees would eat. Curious to know what these are? Then read on to find out what you should completely avoid next time you eat at your favorite fast-food establishment.


Misleading food

In recent years, fast-food chains have taken deliberate steps to have cheaper but healthier items on the menus, such as salads, apple slices or yogurt for the children’s menu. The latest hype: hand-crafted or artisanal menu items.

However, if you see some hand-crafted toppings on your favorite burger or sandwich, don’t grab your wallet just yet. That’s because the topping is not necessarily better in terms of quality than what you’ve been eating so far, according to employees at two popular fast-food restaurants.


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