Nutritionists Are Warning You Against These 7 Diet Mistakes

By The Captain October 21, 2020

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Let me ask you something: how many times have you planned an amazing diet just to find out it isn’t working at all?

Meal planning, exercising regularly and adopting a balanced schedule are all key elements of a successful diet. But why did that diet work so well on other people and not for you?

Today, nutritionists open up about 7 diet mistakes many people are still making without realizing.


7 Diet Mistakes You Might Still Be Making


Mistake #1: You cut out a food group

Cutting out dairy may seem logical since most foods in this category are very rich in fat. However, Leah Kaufman, CDN, RD, explains that eliminating an entire food group may actually lead to weight gain over time. Why?

It’s almost impossible to label an entire food group as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ If a certain source tells otherwise, it might be best to double check every information before cutting out valuable nutrient sources. Remember that the most important quality of every diet should be to bring balance in your life and help you reach your daily recommended intake of nutrients in a healthy way.

When your body doesn’t receive enough nutrients, it might try to compensate by getting more of the food groups you’re still offering. Over time, this increases the chances of giving in to unhealthy cravings and overeating.


Mistake #2: Trying to cheat

The industry of weight loss seems to have exploded over the last decade. Today, you can find literally any type of product apparently designed to help you lose weight in the blink of an eye. Pills, herbs, teas, supplements – you name it, the market has it.

First of all, few of those products are actually working; the products that do work may help you lose weight temporarily only to re-gain the extra pounds as soon as you stop taking them.

Here’s something honest: there are no shortcuts to losing weight in a healthy way. This process involves your time, dedication and needs endless motivation daily – and this powerful statement comes from Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, NYC-based dietitian.

Be sure, though, that it is all so worth it in the end!


Mistake #3: Not paying attention to your feelings

Dr. Rizzo says that one of her main focuses in therapy is helping her patients connect to their body.

Eating crispy strips for lunch is very satisfying in that very moment, but how are you really feeling afterwards? Our bodies are not designed for unhealthy meals; processing trans fats, empty calories or preservatives is very difficult and resource-consuming for the digestive system. Meanwhile, your liver is overloaded with chemicals it should filter out 24/7.

The most effective technique, as Dr. Rizzo recommends, is to keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and notice how you feel after each meal. Chances are, you’ll discover that even the tastiest ‘forbidden’ treats can take a toll on your body and mind.

Being self-aware can prevent those unhealthy cravings and could make you realize that you don’t really need all those processed products to be healthy and happy!



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