Nutritionists Are Warning You Against These 7 Diet Mistakes

By The Captain October 21, 2020

Wellness Captain Common Diet Mistakes

Mistake #4: Having too many rules

No sweets.

No fried foods.

No food after 5 p.m. for me!

If that’s how your diet sounds like, it might be time to reconsider your eating habits. Why? Because diets shouldn’t be based on hundreds of forbidden foods or eating schedules that force you to eat even when you’re not hungry.

Meal routines matter. Focusing on eating more healthy foods matters. However, it’s equally important to allow yourself the freedom of choice from time to time; it’s also very important to give in to your cravings because, after all, that’s what makes us happy!

Lauren Manganiello, MS, registered dietitian in NYC, says that finding the right balance can increase the chances of maintaining a long-term healthy lifestyle.

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Mistake #5: Keep it simple

Foods like papaya or asparagus are extremely powerful allies in your weight loss journey. However, if you’re not used to eating such foods or simply don’t like them, you don’t have to eat them!

I’ll say it again, loud and clear: you do not have to eat anything you don’t like. If you’re following a personalized diet plan, simply talk to your nutritionists about adjusting the meals you’re not into.

You can only create a healthy lifestyle if you please your body and taste buds. In this sense, spices can also make a huge positive difference in helping you to find joy in nutrient-rich meals too!

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Mistake #6: Setting unrealistic goals

Being ambitious is great, but too much of it can do more harm than good.

Marisa Moore, MDA, RN, explains that many of her clients are setting the bar too high when starting a diet. Changing the way you eat and drink is one of the biggest challenges you can face; that’s why it’s crucial to set small goals you know for certain you can achieve.

Dr. Moore recommends you to start gradually by making one or two changes per week. For example, you can increase water intake during week one, eat at least three cups of veggies during week two and so on. Once again, keeping a food diary helps you set realistic challenges based on your current habits.

Anyone’s ultimate goal should be to create a healthy lifestyle they’re actually happy with – so happy they can maintain it for the rest of their life. With that in mind, my only advice is to just be kind to yourself and give yourself time to thrive. Because it will happen.


Mistake #7: Skipping meals

Do you know what’s worse than restricting food groups?

Not eating food at all.

Jim White, RD, ACSM, says that many people think that skipping meals is the easiest way out. After all, if you don’t eat anything, there’s no source for weight gain, right?

Wrong. First of all, skipping meals almost always leads to overeating during the meals you have left as your body is trying to compensate the lack of nutrients. Secondly, this habit may promote unhealthy cravings, especially for foods high in sugar since they’re the quickest source of energy.

Dr. White advises to try and maintain the general recommendations of three meals and two snacks per day. Of course, this plan can also be adjusted to your schedule and previous eating habits.


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