4 Moves to Scare Away the Extra Pounds on Halloween

By The Captain October 22, 2019

halloween workout wellness captain

Halloween Workout

Halloween is great, but especially on days like this, you have to be extra careful because there’s a very thin line between eating one candy to eating the whole box.

All the candy will only make you fear for your waistline even though this shouldn’t be your concern on Halloween. I’m not saying you can’t eat candy, just make sure you also do something to burn off those calories really fast.

For this year’s Halloween, embrace your spooky side and scare those extra pounds away with this challenging workout. This fitness routine will also prevent you from overindulging in treats and other snacks during this cozy couch time.

halloween workout wellness captain

1. Superman’s

For real, everyone has dressed up as a superhero at some point. The iconic Superman costume that everyone chose back in the day needs a special attitude to go with it.

Today Superman is not a costume, yet a fitness exercise that will get you in the mood for Halloween and scare the hell out of those extra pounds you might have.

The Superman’s Exercise targets your abs and also strengthens your back. This exercise has you laying on the mat and lift your arms and legs off the ground as if you were flying.

Raise your hands and legs 4-5 inches off the ground and hold them for 5 seconds, then return to starting position.

This exercise may look very simple, but trust me, it burns like hell.

halloween workout wellness captain

2. Skull crushers

Get hyped this Halloween with this arm sculptor exercise and tone your muscles just in time for pumpkin carving later this season.

If you’re looking for a triceps exercise that works wonders, you’ll find skull crushers a good way to do it.

For this exercise, you need to lay down on a bench or a flat surface, grab your weights or dumbbells, then straighten your arms until they are perpendicular to your torso.

Make sure you do not arch your back.

halloween workout wellness captain

3. Dead lifts

If it’s Halloween and people dress up in deadly costumes, why not include a dead lift exercise in your workout routine?

Dead lift is a basic movement, but it can go wrong and put lots of risk to your back if you do them incorrectly.

Keep your feet shoulder-width and hold the barbell on the floor. Bend at the legs and keep your back in a straight line, remember, this is very important if you don’t want to hurt your back.

While doing the bend, keep your head up and your back in a straight position with your chest pointing up.

Fully extend your legs and then pull the bar up. Repeat this move 10-12 times, 4 sets.

halloween workout wellness captain

4. Creeping spider

Creeping spider or spider crawl is an exercise focused on your body weight that works every muscle in your body.

Get in a normal push-up position and lower your body down until your pelvis region nearly touches the ground and begin to crawl across the floor while remaining in the same position.

As the name says, you should look like a spider crawling across the floor.

Repeat this exercise until your whole body burns!

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