Aging or Parkinson’s? Here are 13 Ways You Can Tell

By The Captain May 13, 2021

Aging or Parkinson’s? Here are 13 Ways You Can Tell 1

Aging is a natural, beautiful process we should all be proud of. Every wrinkle, every word and each gesture marks all the things we’ve been through – things that made us who we are now.

Even when we get clumsy or we feel like we’re moving slower, it’s all part of this magical journey called life.

Or is it?

According to Parkinson’s Foundation, more than 60,000 Americans in our country are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) every year. A total of 10 million people around the world are living with this illness and many are still undiagnosed. Why?

Because Parkinson’s disease occurs in people older than 50, many of its symptoms are resembling the normal signs of aging.

However, there are a few early signs everyone should know in order to detect the illness on time and get proper treatment. Today, we’ll reveal 13 crucial symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and how they can manifest.


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