Are Face Masks Really Safe? 7 Side Effects You May Feel Too

By The Captain November 2, 2020

Wellness Captain Face Mask Side Effects

  1. They restrict your air flow

Depending on which type of face mask you’re wearing, this product can affect your oxygen intake more or less. Those diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) are suffering the most from this situation, since their condition already decreases normal air flow to the lungs.

Furthermore, with every breath you take, you also inhale some carbon dioxide stuck in your mask from the previous exhalation. Consequently, you may tend to breathe more rapidly to make up for the lack of oxygen.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: Take plenty of face mask breaks if you have access to a safe place outdoors where you can maintain the recommended social distance.


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  1. They can draw you closer to others

When I have a conversation with somebody wearing a mask, I feel that I don’t hear what they’re saying – or that the other person may not hear me out well.

Apparently, Dr. Lazzarino agrees saying that the quality and the volume of someone’s speech while wearing a mask are compromised. The downside is that such conversations make us subconsciously draw closer to our companion, thus reducing the recommended social distance.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: Resist the urge of drawing closer to other speakers and increase your own volume or kindly ask your companion to speak louder. Better safe than sorry!



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