Are Face Masks Really Safe? 7 Side Effects You May Feel Too

By The Captain November 2, 2020

Wellness Captain Face Mask Side Effects

  1. They can irritate your skin

Suffering from dry skin? Unfortunately, face masks can only worsen this condition. The same goes for any other skin illness such as eczema, or generally sensible skin.

According to CNet, it’s advisable that you avoid any makeup while wearing a face mask. If your foundation rubs off on your mask (which it probably will!), it will decrease air filtration even more, therefore reducing your oxygen intake.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: If you have sensitive skin, you can put on some moisturizer and let the skin absorb it before wearing a mask. This can prevent skin irritation especially during the upcoming cold season.


  1. They can spread the disease…

…unless you clean them properly! Wearing the same, dirty mask over and over again can gather germs and bacteria which end up spreading into the world. The masks labeled as ‘one-use only’ should really be thrown away after every use.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: The CDC advises the public to wash cloth face masks routinely in the washing machine just as any other piece of fabric.


Wearing a face mask every single time we go out is definitely not easy. However, this is the only way we can help to spread the curve and keep ourselves and those around us safe.

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