Boost Your Energy Instantly with Our Morning Peach Smoothie

By The Captain February 1, 2021

Boost Your Energy Instantly with Our Morning Peach Smoothie 1

Every now and then, I think about all the privileges we now have food-wise. Craving papaya on Christmas Day? You got it. How about some bananas from Ecuador? No problem. Sometimes I think our kids won’t even know which foods are supposed to grow during summer or winter because we have them all available all year round!

However, this is a good thing. It gives us more chances to fulfill our nutritional needs without sacrificing taste and it also gives me the chance to explore a new smoothie recipe every week!

Seriously, I think smoothies are a wonder of modern nutrition. I would’ve never gotten so many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants if I had to actually eat all those ingredients in one breakfast – and we all need this type of energy in our chaotic pandemic lives.

Today, we’ll use one of my all-time favorite fruits to create a delicious smoothie filled with healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants. Ladies and gents, I give you your next best breakfast addition: the peach smoothie.

If you’re ready, let’s shake it up!

Delicious peach smoothie


  • ¾ cup frozen peaches. Aside from being some of the best natural sweeteners from the fruit isle, peaches are great in regulating digestive functions. These colorful guys also give you a generous dose of antioxidants and if you still don’t know what they are, my post right here covers all the info.
  • ¼ cup banana slices. If you read ten smoothie recipes online, at least half of them probably include bananas – and for good reason. This fruit is widely available, affordable and naturally sweet! As a plus, bananas make an excellent source of fiber and they make your smoothies two times creamier.
  • ½ tbsp honey. You probably already know that honey is an excellent natural sweetener. What you may not know, though, is that consuming honey regularly can prevent artery hardening, as well as speeding up the wound healing process. Here are 5 benefits offered by this delicious ingredient that will make you enjoy it even more!
  • ¾ cup almond milk. I feel that almond milk completes the final taste of our peach smoothie while being a healthy source of fats and minerals. If you’re not into this type of milk, you can also use cow’s milk, coconut or any other milk of choice.
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon. Here’s a little smoothie secret: cinnamon works great in most recipes that also contain banana and honey. In this case, the spice brings out the unique flavor of peaches in a subtle, delicious way.

Wellness Captain Captain’s Tip: Make sure that your banana is as ripe as possible; in fact, those with black spots on them are ideal to get that creamy, sweet texture.



  1. Add the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


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