Anti-Aginig Tips – Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods

By The Captain July 2, 2019

Anti-Aginig Tips wellness captain

Anti-Aginig Tips

Say goodbye to expensive skincare and anti-aging products and eat your way to a facelift!

These 10 beneficial foods are nothing short of amazing when it comes to their anti-aging abilities and capacity to make you look as young as you feel.What are you waiting for? Include them in your diet to defy the aging process and proudly show off your glowing, wrinkle-free skin!

watercress -3


Watercress is the latest wonder weapon to include in your arsenal against ageing. What makes it so special is that it works as a strong skin antiseptic due to its abundance of vitamins A and C. In fact, it packs way more vitamin C than oranges and four times more beta-carotene and vitamin A than tomatoes and apples.
These powerful antioxidants help watercress successfully combat the harmful free radicals, boost skin oxygenation and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Add it to your salads for plump and smooth skin!



Red bell pepper

Another vegetable that is loaded to the brim with vitamin C is the red bell pepper. Vitamin C is a major player in collagen production and effectively fights against signs of aging.
Red bell peppers also include carotenoids, antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties which brings red/yellow/orange color to many fruits and vegetables. These real skin-saving compounds protect it from sun damage and toxins generated by pollution.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Sliced bell peppers with hummus or cottage cheese.




Papaya is a superfood that should receive much more recognition for its multiple benefits. This fruit is loaded with nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E, with evidenced benefits of delaying signs of aging.
It is also a great source of papain, an enzyme which works as one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents, and alpha-hydroxy acids, both found in numerous exfoliating and skin-care products.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Besides eating papaya, you can apply it to your face, neck and other areas of your body that need rejuvenation.




A cup of spinach a day keeps your wrinkles at bay. That’s because this leafy green is rich in vitamin C which boosts collagen production and folic acid which is good for cell function. It is also a great source of antioxidants that reduce inflammation in cells and iron for powerful tissues.
All these vitamins and minerals mixed together help you maintain a younger-looking skin and shiny hair.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Add spinach to salads or smoothies. See 14-Day Atkins Meal Plan for inspiration!




According to recent studies, pomegranates seem to really be the David against the Goliath of aging. Apparently, apart from being used as healing medicinal fruits, the red seeds of pomegranates are full of important anti-aging vitamins such as C, D, E and K as well as magnesium and protein.
They also include a compound named punicalagins, which keeps the collagen in the skin, successfully counteracting free radical damage and any signs of aging.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Throw some sweet seeds onto a baby spinach salad to maximize anti-aging results.




Avocado is one of the most nutrient-dense foods out there, with numerous health benefits. One of them is that it combats skin aging due to its high content of vitamin A and powerful antioxidants. It is also a rich source of monosaturated fat, which helps improves skin elasticity and hydration.
Their carotenoid content is also a strong ally against toxins and sun damage and may help in reducing the risk of skin cancer.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Avocado is highly versatile and can be mashed and spread on toast or sliced with salmon or eggs. Click here for more inspiration!




Tomatoes cannot be left out from the anti-aging superfood list. That’s because they are loaded with lycopene, reportedly the most powerful antioxidant of the carotenoids. It not only protects the skin against sun damage but also against harmful bacteria, keeping its elasticity and brightness.
Specialists recommend cooked tomatoes instead of raw ones, since they appear to contain more easily absorbable lycopene.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Cooked or processed tomatoes (juice, sauce) added to pasta, salads.




Carrots are known to contain retinol, an ingredient that can be found in many popular anti-aging creams. Retinol is the result of converting beta-carotene into vitamin A, which restores the skin’s elasticity and regenerates skin cells by stimulating the production of collagen.
Apart from its benefits for skin and hair, vitamin A also supports the immune system and improves eyesight.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Mix these crunchy vegetables with honey to make an inexpensive and very convenient facial mask.




Blueberries may be tiny but mighty powerful. They provide a generous amount of vitamins A and C and have the highest antioxidant power of all fruits, with antioxidants such as anthocyanin to back this up. This gives blueberries their blue color while preventing cell damage and safeguarding your skin from aging.
Blueberries are also rich in flavonoids and phytochemicals and protect skin against free radical damage caused by sun exposure.
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Add these delicious fruits into smoothies and soak up the benefits!




Turn pineapple into your new BFF if you know what’s good for your skin. Why? Because pineapples are packed with antioxidants and alpha-hydroxy acids which fight inflammation, reduce redness and prevent wrinkles.
These exotic fruits also include significant amounts of essential nutrients like fiber, magnesium and vitamins B, C that support the immune system, heart and brain. Not bad, right?
Anti-Aginig Tips - Try These 10 Skin-Friendly Foods 1  Try: Mix pineapple with coconut milk to create a face mask and enjoy its beautifying benefits!

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