14-Day Keto Meal Plan: Day 12

By The Captain May 28, 2019

pork chop and asparagus

A keto or ketogenic diet is very low on carbs and high on fat, which brings your body in a metabolic state of ketosis. This means that your body is running mostly on fat, because it does not have enough carbs to burn for energy. It is extremely effective when it comes to weight loss, consisting of less than 20 grams of net carbs per day.

DAY 12

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Breakfast:

Avocado stuffed with smoked salmon and egg (2 avocado halves) – 392 kcal 


30g walnuts – 180 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Lunch:

Leftover chicken and zucchini from Day 11 dinner – 430 kcal


90g beef jerky – 180 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Dinner:

Parmesan-crusted pork chop (150g) with 100g asparagus roasted in 2 Tbsp olive oil – 515 kcal

Daily total:  1,697 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1
Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Shopping list:

Skip the planning and go shopping! 

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Smoked salmon
Fresh dill
Beef jerky
Pork chops
Garlic and herb (or Italian style) bread crumbs
Parmesan cheese

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Also need to have:

Olive oil
Chili flakes

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

Relatively short shopping list today, and for that reason it’s chock-full of nutrient dense foods. Between the meat, eggs and cheese you won’t be lacking for protein of course, but your gut should appreciate the fiber as well — coming from the veggies and nuts.

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 The information provided herein is for informative purposes only. Please consult your physician or health care provider prior to starting the Ketogenic Diet or any other diet for that matter.

Keto diet DAY12

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