10 Foods You Can Eat For Stronger Hair and Nails

By The Captain October 6, 2020



Wellness Captain Foods for Stronger Hair and Nails

From choosing the right products for your hair to taking care of the scalp properly, the industry of healthy hair care and growth is among the most complex and popular ones. Considering how much nail care also evolved during the past few years, I think it’s safe to say these are the things ladies enjoy investing into the most. After all, who doesn’t like to get pampered at the salon every month?

But what do you do when there’s a pandemic and the risk for COVID-19 infections is extremely high in beauty salons? Well, you take the situation into your own hands (or nails) and start caring for yourself right in the comfort of your home.

Today, we’ll talk about 10 foods rich in valuable nutrients that make your hair strong and glossy, while your nails can stand all the housework you need to do daily.

Ready? Let’s get started!


Wellness Captain For stronger hair…



Fungi are a very rich source of vitamin D, which is known for strengthening hair strands and making your locks shinier. A study published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, this vitamin also promotes the production of new hair follicles – those little pores where new hair strands will grow.

This is just one of the beneficial reasons why you need to consume foods rich in vitamin D more often. For more info, you can have a look at our post on Why Vitamin D Could Be the Holy Grail of Immunity.



How about a fresh citrus juice first thing in the morning? Aside from being a tasty way to kickstart your day, fruits like tangerines are a great way of increasing your vitamin C levels naturally.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy scalp and strong hair. What’s more interesting though is that eating vitamin C in combination with foods rich in dietary iron (think spinach), your body can absorb the iron much faster; and, as you may have guessed, iron is another nutrient that helps your hair stay strong and healthy.

Studies also showed that vitamin B12 (another important micronutrient in tangerines) can help to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and may even slow down the graying process.


Fatty fish

Whether you like it simple or integrated in cooked meals like pasta, fish is generally a great source of vitamin D.

During a study published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, researchers found that vitamin D can even stimulate hair follicles that had previously become dormant. In the long run, this micronutrient might even help to prevent bald spots.

But there’s more: fatty fish such as tuna, salmon or mackerel is packed with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen your hair strands and promote hair growth. This nutrient is also on our list of Top 5 Foods That Give You Energy This Pandemic, so you get kill two birds with one stone.



Since we’re talking about seafood, oysters provide you with a nutrient you rarely find in other meals due to their high content of zinc.

During a study published in the journal Dermatologic Therapy, researchers offered zinc supplements to five patients diagnosed with zinc deficiency-related alopecia. For all five subjects, hair loss was cured or improved within a short period of time.

Only one serving of six oysters provides you with 30 milligrams of zinc, which is double of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of this nutrient.



We’ve already talked about how foods rich in vitamin C can help your body absorb iron better. Not only is spinach one of the best sources of iron out there, but it’s also packed with vitamin E; both of these nutrients keep your hair strong and promote healthy growth.

Of course, all of this information is backed up by science. Specialists at the Cleveland Clinic found that low iron stores can contribute to hair loss especially if you’re over 50.

Not a big spinach fan? Our Green Mango Smoothie recipe is filled with tropical flavors, vitamins and (the best part) you can’t feel the spinach flavor at all.



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