14-Day Keto Meal Plan: Day 7

By The Captain April 23, 2019

pork chops

A keto or ketogenic diet is very low on carbs and high on fat, which brings your body in a metabolic state of ketosis. This means that your body is running mostly on fat, because it does not have enough carbs to burn for energy. It is extremely effective when it comes to weight loss, consisting of less than 20 grams of net carbs per day.


Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Breakfast:

Cinnamon and Cardamom Fat Bombs (4 balls) – 440 kcal


2 hard boiled eggs – 156 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Lunch:

Leftover Creamy Keto Tuscan Soup from Day 6 dinner (single portion) – 330 kcal


30g roasted/salted sunflower seeds – 194 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Dinner:

150g pork chop pan-seared and topped with 100g sliced crimini mushrooms sauteed in 2 Tbsp butter – 500 kcal

Daily total:  1,620 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1
Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Shopping list:

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Unsweetened shredded coconut
Sunflower seeds
Pork chops
Crimini mushrooms

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Also need to have:

Vanilla extract

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

Short and sweet shopping list today … but nary a grain of sugar to be found, of course! These “fat bombs” are dead simple to make, but best if you make the night before and let them chill. Then pop them in your mouth, wash down with a little coffee and you’re out the door — right after you grab a container of leftover soup from last night, for lunch. Dinner is a one-pan meal if you do it right. Season the pork chops to your liking then sear for about 3-4 minutes a side, remove from pan and cover. Then sautee your mushrooms in butter. Cover pork chop with mushrooms and — voila! You’re eating a fantastic meal with almost zero carbs.

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 The information provided herein is for informative purposes only. Please consult your physician or health care provider prior to starting the Ketogenic Diet or any other diet for that matter.

Keto Day 7

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