14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 1

By The Captain March 13, 2019
Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleo diet takes us back in time to our ancestors’ eating patterns, before farming became popular. This diet emphasizes the use of whole foods and lean protein and the exclusion of processed foods, dairy and grains. The Paleo diet takes pride in reducing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and obesity and slimming your waistline.


Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Breakfast:

150g fresh blackberries topped with 30g walnuts, 8 Tbsp whipped heavy cream and 1 Tbsp raw unfiltered honey – 411 kcal


120g fruit and nut trail mix – 350 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Lunch:

100g broiled salmon on a bed of 85g fresh arugula, drizzled with 2 Tbsp olive oil and juice of 1 lemon – 325 kcal


50 g cocoa-dusted almonds – 305 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Dinner:

Skirt Steak with Fresh Mango Salsa – 489 kcal

Daily total:  1,880 kcal

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1
Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Shopping list:

Skip the planning and go shopping! 

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Blackberries, Walnuts
Heavy whipping cream
Raw, unfiltered honey
Almonds, Golden raisins
Dried cranberries (no sugar added)
Dried apricots
Banana chips
Arugula, Cilantro
Cocoa-dusted almonds
Skirt steak
Lime. Mangoes
Bell pepper. Jalapeno pepper


Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 Also need to have:

Extra virgin olive oil
Paprika, Chili powder
Ground coffee

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1

No way your inner caveman is going hungry on this menu! Enjoy a nice spread of healthy fats from nuts, salmon and olive oil throughout the day, and there’s plenty of sweet and salty for you here, too, from the likes of fresh blackberries and mangoes. Finally, you can bet all these natural, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and nuts are going to deliver vitamins and minerals in spades, along with a gut-friendly helping of dietary fiber.

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 The information provided herein is for informative purposes only. Please consult your physician or health care provider prior to starting the Paleo Diet or any other diet for that matter.

Paleo Diet

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