14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5

By The Captain April 10, 2019
salad with arugula

The Paleo diet takes us back in time to our ancestors’ eating patterns, before farming became popular. This diet emphasizes the use of whole foods and lean protein and the exclusion of processed foods, dairy and grains. The Paleo diet takes pride in reducing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and obesity and slimming your waistline.


14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 1 Breakfast:

Apple and Almond Butter Bites (4) – 381 kcal


140g mandarin oranges and 20g shredded coconut – 190 kcal

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 1 Lunch:

Salad with 60g arugula, 100g sliced flank steak, 120g cherry tomatoes and 30g diced red onions, dressed with 2 Tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp lemon juice and 1 tsp horseradish – 534 kcal


Mini turkey sandwiches with cucumber slices, 100g turkey and 1 sliced cucumber – 130 kcal

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 1 Dinner:

Coconut-Crusted Chicken Strips (1 chicken breast) with 150g diced sweet potatoes roasted in 2 Tbsp coconut oil – 612 kcal

Daily total:  1,847 kcal

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 4

shopping list

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 1 Shopping list:

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Almond butter
Shredded coconut
Dried cranberries
Mandarin oranges
Flank steak
Cherry tomatoes
Turkey breast, sliced
Red onion

14-Day Paleo Meal Plan: Day 5 1 Also need to have:

Olive oil
Coconut oil


Lots of textures and flavors to keep you interested today, starting with a crunchy, sweet and salty breakfast featuring plenty of nuts for protein. While lunch is by far the nutrition powerhouse, featuring supergreen arugula and tangy tomatoes balanced by savory steak and spicy horseradish cut by the tartness of fresh-squeezed lemon. Yum! Finally your dinner tonight is a meat-and-potatoes offering with a coconut twist. Also, you’ll get a boost of beta carotene and a multitude of minerals from the sweet potato, so eat up.

Atkins 40 Diet - Day 1 The information provided herein is for informative purposes only. Please consult your physician or health care provider prior to starting the Paleo Diet or any other diet for that matter.

Paleo diet DAY5

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