4 Innovative Apps to Keep Your Loved Ones Close During COVID-19

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By The Captain October 30, 2020

Wellness Captain Best Family Apps During COVID-19

As I was saying in this post the other day, the COVID-19 pandemic might also cause an epidemic of loneliness in our modern society (read my full post here).

Unlike our grand-grandparents who went through the 1918 influenza pandemic, though, today we have so many other ways of staying connected. In fact, more than 63% of the world population is using the internet as we speak – that’s how united we are.

Social distancing can be excruciating, especially now that we have no idea when it will end. However, there are countless apps and devices that help us spend quality time with our loved ones (as much as possible!).

Sure, we know the classic social apps most of us are using for communication (WhatsApp and Messenger anyone?).

But what if we changed the game a bit?

Today, I want to show you 4 apps which I think are not only innovative, but also entertaining. Why does this matter? Well, because we’ve been staying at home for months and doing real-life group activities is no longer an option.

Let’s have a look:


4 Apps to Keep Your Loved Ones Home During Lockdown


  1. Marco Polo

This is the classic version of a game we all loved as kids – and who says games are only meant for children?

I like to describe Marco Polo as a digital walkie-talkie. You enter the app, record a video and send it to a loved one – this would be your ‘Polo.’ The receiver can watch the video whenever he has the time and continue the game with a reply of their own.

Aside from creating a little game, this app is a great way of sharing day-to-day moments privately without the need of a live video chat. Many of us don’t have the time to sit and take video calls all day long, so Marco Polo can come in handy for busy stay-at-home parents, for example.


  1. Bunch

Video chatting with friends or family is great, but you know what’s better? Watching their reaction when you beat them at a game!

Bunch is like a never-ending, entry-free virtual party app. The idea behind this project was to create a ‘frictionless experience’ which allows users to play games and watch each other’s reactions simultaneously.

In fact, Bunch is so good that specialists call it ‘the Discord of mobile games,’ which is an important compliment since Discord is considered the best chatting program for desktop gamers.

Whether we talk about trivia, drawing or gamer favorites like Roblox or Minecraft, Bunch is the it tool to have fun with your loved ones much like you would in real life.


Wellness Captain Family Apps During COVID-19

  1. Netflix Party

Of all the things we gave up on due to the pandemic, I miss movie nights the most. There’s just something so special about watching your favorite actors right from the comfort of your home while eating snacks with your loved ones, right?

Well, here’s some good news: Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension you can use to watch movies in real time with other people.

It’s very simple to use too: all you have to do is to install the extension via the Chrome Web Store. Then, you can start playing your favorite show or movie as usual; click on the small icon ‘NP,’ copy the URL you get and share it with anyone you want to join your Netflix party.

Major bonus: once your friends join the party, you can all comment the movie using a real-time chat box – and you don’t have to hear any interruptions anymore!


  1. Houseparty

Since we’re talking about parties, Houseparty has become one of the most popular apps to enjoy during lockdown. You can use it to video chat with up to 8 other users and it is literally the simplest tool to use ever.

The main menu of the app is literally a display of your front-facing camera; so all you have to do is swipe up to see your friends list and select the ones you want to video chat with. Don’t have any friends? You can send them an invitation via URL or just add them directly through contacts or Facebook.

Houseparty also features a dice icon which reveals several game options you can play live with your loved ones. Although there are far fewer games than Bunch offers, there’s still a nice addition that can bring out the fun out of every video chat.


Wellness Captain Which apps are you using most often during lockdown? Share your recommendations in the comment section and we’ll drop a piece of advice to avoid loneliness in return!

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