Top 5 Diabetes Friendly Foods, According to a Dietician

By The Captain June 26, 2020

Wellness Captain Diabetes Friendly Food Recommendations

Unfortunately, diabetes is one of the most common illnesses of the 21st century – and it’s not an easy one. Eating only diabetes friendly foods, taking treatments daily are just a few challenges.

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Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have had it for a while, diabetes can be overwhelming.

The internet is filled with misleading information on which foods actually keep a diabetic reach their daily nutritional goals. This thought alone convinced me to write this post and help you out as much as I can.

Natalie Butler, RD, LD, is a dietician diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since childhood. Today, I’ll share with you her top 5 food recommendations that can change the game for those who share the same illness.


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