12 Delicious Foods That Help You Fight Sugar Cravings

By M. C. / February 14, 2022
sugar cravings
sugar cravings

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Sugar cravings are the devil in disguise, especially for women. As a matter of fact, 97% of women and 68% of men are experiencing some sort of food craving, sugar cravings being included. Those who experience a sugar craving are oftentimes surprised by an immediate need to eat something sweet and can find it extremely difficult to control themselves when it comes to food.

Unfortunately, this attitude can easily lead to binge eating or even over-consuming calories, and it can become a habit.

Luckily, there are things that can be done, so here are a couple of foods that will help you fight your sugar cravings:

10 Canned Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

By M. C. / February 14, 2022
canned foods
canned foods

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Let’s be honest: it’s best to avoid canned goods at all costs. Why? Because when it comes to buying canned goods, you have to look for those labels that ensure that the metal tins are free of hormone-disrupting BPA, but also make sure that you buy nutrition labels that aren’t touting absurdly high sodium levels.

Plus, look for ingredient lists to see if there are nasty additives and preservatives…it all adds up to the impression that buying healthy canned foods can be more of a burden than a convenience. While there are more and more diet-friendly products than ever, some of the worst diet saboteurs can still be found in the canned goods section. Find out which products you should avoid:

9 Foods That Harm Your Stomach

By M. C. / February 10, 2022
fast foods
tasty fast foods

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Just to be clear, there are A LOT of tempting foods out there, from fast food to baked goodies. Given all that, it’s not that easy to take care of what you are eating and to avoid filling your tummy with lots of poor choices.

Even if you’re eating healthy food, some of the high-fiber choices can be really helpful to your digestive tract. If you want to know what’s good for you and if you want to avoid eating only junk food, you should check out these experts’ advice on how to keep your stomach happy.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll give up on McDonald’s forever, but when it comes to your tummy, balance is key:

10 Ways Your Brain Changes Drastically As You Age

By M. C. / February 10, 2022

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Did you know that by the time you reach 85, there’s a 50% risk of developing Alzheimer’s? Even so, this doesn’t mean that the fate of your memory is already written. While genetics can play an important factor, challenging your mind with diverse brain-boosting activities and socializing can help prevent it.

In fact, there is one method that has more results than the rest: ”The most powerful thing is aerobic exercise”, according to Dr. Perlmutter. There’s a 10-year study of more than 3700 adults that are 60+, and those who exercised had the largest brains and lowest risk of dementia, compared to those who had the least physical activity.

Which makes you kinda wonder: what happens to our brains when we age? Find out more in this article:

10 Healthy Substitutes for Refined Sugar

By M. C. / February 7, 2022
refined sugar
refined sugar

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Next time you want to add a bit of sweetness to your dish to make it even more delicious, you may want to make sure you add the proper sweetener. As you well know, most Americans exaggerate with their added sugar intake, especially in the form of harmful sweeteners such as refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which can be the most dangerous.

These sweeteners are added to sweetened beverages, cereals, snacks, and, naturally, desserts. While the sweet taste is so delicious that you might often think it comes directly from heaven, eating too much added sugar can be threatening to your waistline and your health.

If you want to find a balance between how much refined sugar you eat and other sugary alternatives, we’re here to help with a list of healthy alternatives to refined sugar. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later!

11 Best Takeout Tricks To Eat Well And Lose Weight

takeout tricks
takeout tricks

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Takeout means celebration, free pass, and pretty much going wild with your favorite foods! We all secretly love it, because we get to surrender our dietary plans and just enjoy delicious dishes that we didn’t even have to cook! And let’s be honest, sometimes it just feels right to do that, as takeout is a treat, and we should allow ourselves to get what we want from time to time.

I think it’s safe to say that now we’re enjoying more takeout food than we previously did, due to the pandemic. So, if you’re regularly having takeout food and you want to balance it with your ideal weight and plans, there is a way to do that:

9 Ways to Live Healthy and Avoid Cancer

By M. C. / January 25, 2022

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While there isn’t any cure for cancer yet, we can definitely keep it at bay by switching to a healthier lifestyle. There are many studies that have proved how some cancers are linked to certain lifestyle behaviors, such as unhealthy eating patterns and a lack of physical activity.

When it comes to this hurtful disease, prevention is definitely the best option. While we don’t know that much about a cure, we’ve definitely learned a lot about the impact food has on our well-being.

A healthier lifestyle will reduce the risk of developing this disease, and it will also have a positive impact on your support treatment and recovery if you’ve already received your diagnosis. Follow these tips for eating right:

4 Things About Macronutrients You Didn’t Know

By M. C. / January 10, 2022

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Macronutrients…it sounds funny, right? I mean, we barely understand things about nutrients…let alone about MACROnutrients! Luckily, we’ve done some research, and this thing with macronutrients is easier to understand than you might think.

Basically, macronutrients are just a group of nutrients (so they’re not oversized, no) that give your body the needed energy throughout the day. You’ve definitely heard by now about carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Well, these are macronutrients.

What makes them “macro” is that they are needed in larger amounts. But by larger quantities, we don’t mean that it’s healthy to eat as much pizza as you want, no…Unfortunately. In fact, let’s talk about what we actually mean:

8 Toxic Foods Produced in China That Are Extremely Dangerous

By M. C. / January 6, 2022
toxic food
toxic foods

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China is a popular destination for its fine cuisine and numerous dishes. Even so, some parts of its food industry have been considered a threat, and have even appeared on the news due to the wrong reasons.

There are many organizations and companies that have issued alerts to the public to avoid imported foods from China. China has earned its notoriety for unorthodox ways of creating outrageously toxic food products, that are extremely harmful to your health.

There are tons of banned chemicals, plastic and unhygienic products. By consuming these foods, you can suffer severe physical and mental consequences, that are going to last. Here are 8 toxic foods that are made in China that you should avoid:

10 “Delicious” Leftovers You Shouldn’t Eat Even If They Are Amazing


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Sometimes, last night’s dinner is a real-life saver when you need a hot and ready lunch. Even so, there are some foods that you should think twice about reheating.

While it’s a great way to save more money (actually, it is highly advised in any conversation related to budgeting your household), some leftovers might actually pose a hazard to your health.

So, truth to be told, you need to know which foods can be saved and which can’t. How long foods are safe in your fridge depends on many factors, such as safe preparation, proper storage, and what type of food it is. Let’s see which foods you should never keep as leftovers.

…Click “Next” to see which leftovers we’re talking about!

7 Breakfast Habits for Weight Loss

By M. C. / December 26, 2021

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If you don’t know already that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, WAKE UP! Because it is. And if we start analyzing it, the way we have our breakfast can jumpstart our eating habits.

If you like your mornings with a venti-sized sugar-filled Frappuccino and a plate of pancakes floating in maple syrup, you’ll probably keep on craving sugar the whole day.

Even so, if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this isn’t the proper way to start your morning. You’ll have to set better, and smarter standards for your breakfast, otherwise, it will be more difficult to adjust throughout the whole day!

Let’s talk about some habits that you might try for your breakfast routine, and who knows, you might actually find some of them helpful!

11 Foods High in Sugar You Need To Avoid

food high in sugar
high in sugar

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Although some of us might love it, eating too much sugar can affect our health. Excess sugar in our diets has been linked to an increased risk of many diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Now, many people are trying to consume less sugar, but sometimes it’s easy to underestimate how much you’re actually consuming.

In fact, many products are marketed as “light” or “low fat”, but in reality, they contain more sugar than their regular counterparts. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends women limit their sugar intake to 6 teaspoons (25 grams) per day, and men limit their intake to 9 teaspoons (37.5 grams).

Here are 11 foods and drinks that contain more sugar than you may have thought:

Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant?

By The Captain / November 27, 2021
Why Is Dr. Fauci So Concerned With The Omicron Variant? 1

Photo by Eldar Nurkovic via Shutterstock

The World Health Organization said it could have ‘severe consequences.’

The U.S. restricted travel in 8 countries because of it. Biden is on alert, and the top pandemic expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said it’s likely already in our country.

First discovered in Botswana, the Omicron variant has over 50 mutations, which makes it twice as dangerous as the Delta variant.

What are the main symptoms of the new variant? Could it cause the fifth COVID-19 wave in our country, as Dr. Fauci suspects?

Today, we’ll answer all of those questions and more, so tap on the Next Page button to stay safe!

14 Foods To Lower Your High Blood Pressure

By M. C. / November 26, 2021
High blood pressure
high blood pressure

Photo by Natalia Lisovskaya from Shutterstock

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is the most preventable risk factor for heart diseases, and it’s becoming a matter of concern for many people. To be more specific, over 1 billion people around the world have high blood pressure.

There are various medications for hypertension, such as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. Even so, focusing on changing your lifestyle and diet can have a great impact on lowering your blood pressure levels to their optimal ranges, and so reducing the risk of heart disease.

A more nutritious and heart-healthy diet is needed for all people who suffer from high blood pressure, including those who are already on medications. Here are a couple of foods that you need to add to your diet:

CDC Director Says THESE People Must Get The Booster Shot

By M. C. / November 25, 2021
booster shot
booster shot

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has decided and gave a final signoff Friday for everyone that is 18 and older to get the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna booster if six months has passed since their final shot, teeing up many Americans to reach out and get extra protection because there may be a winter rise in cases.

Those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have already been authorized to get their booster two months after taking their initial shot. Booster shots have succeeded in demonstrating to everyone the ability to safely increase people’s protection against infection and other severe outcomes. They are an important public health tool that strengthens our defenses against the virus as we begin the holiday season.

And if we are to look at compelling evidence, all adults over 18 should have equitable access to a Covid-19 booster dose, as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has confirmed. The CDC advisory panel has voted unanimously to recommend the boosters earlier on Friday. The panel urged everyone 50 and older to get a booster, but has also allowed everyone 18 to 49 to get it as well.

COVID Nails – And Other 7 Strange Fingernail Symptoms

By M. C. / November 19, 2021
covid problems
covid nails problems

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Covid Nails

The general signs of Covid-19 are fever, cough, fatigue, and that famous loss of taste and smell. Other signs of Covid-19 have been noted in the skin, as well.

And there’s another part of the body where the virus seems to surprisingly have an impact: the fingernails. A small number of patients have noticed that their fingernails are discolored or misshapen after contracting the virus.

The phenomenon has been dubbed “COVID nails”. There are various symptoms that have been noticed in the patients’ fingernails, such as a red half-moon pattern that forms a convex band in the white area at the base of the fingernails.

Although these patterns are generally rare, they could be specific to this disease. Let’s discuss more of these Covid-19 symptoms and other conditions that might be seen in our fingernails.

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6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know

By M. C. / November 17, 2021
takeout food
6 Things Takeout Skeptics Want You To Know 2

Photo by Elena.Katkova from Shutterstock

After receiving a wincingly high credit card bill, you start to wonder what you did to deserve this. You start questioning every little decision you’ve made in the past month and cancel all your favorite subscriptions, you might even decide on a “no-spend” month. If you don’t like to cook and you don’t have any unhidden talents in this area, you probably like to order takeout… A lot.

Don’t worry, most of us do, it’s not a secret that many people prefer clicking 3 buttons and having a rapid and deliciously cooked dinner at their door. But it’s a budget-killer.

We decided to ask a bunch of people who actually managed to stay away from ordering takeout food, and the lessons we learned are…actually, forget it. There are no words to describe it. Here are 6 things we’ve learned about people who actively decided not to order or were never fans of takeout food to start with.

10 Healthy Beverages You Should Drink Everyday

By M. C. / November 12, 2021
drink healthy beverages
drink healthy beverages

Photo by Evgeny Karandaev from Shutterstock

If we’re talking about staying hydrated, flushing out toxins, and keeping good tonus, water is the best possible choice. But unfortunately, it’s not always our first. A child might not like to drink plain water (yeah, let’s pretend that kids are the only ones), and wants more options.

What do we do then? Well, if you ask me, reading this article is a good starting point. Here, we’re going to add 8 healthy drinks we should all try, other than water. But you should take into consideration that these aren’t replacements for water, just sweet “delights” when we want to spoil ourselves and keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

12 Foods To Eat if You Have Diabetes

By M. C. / November 10, 2021
proper food for diabetes
food diabetes

Photo by Larisa Blinova from Shutterstock

When you have diabetes, it’s very difficult to figure out what the best foods to eat are. In order to keep things simple, your main goal is to know how to manage your blood sugar levels. Also, it’s important to eat foods that help prevent complications with diabetes, such as heart disease.

Your food choices matter a lot, as some are better than others. But on a positive note, nothing is completely off-limits. You might think that some foods are bad, but they can be occasional treats, in small amounts. Of course, I’m not sure if they will help you nutrition-wise, and it’s easier to manage your diabetes if you stick to the best options. If you have diabetes, let’s see what the best foods are for you.

6 Reasons Why Americans Refuse To Be Vaccinated

By M. C. / November 9, 2021
vaccinated woman
get vaccinated

Photo by solarseven from Shutterstock

There’s one big question popping into our heads right now: Why aren’t people getting vaccinated? America’s vaccine campaign has been a nightmare. And if the vaccination campaign continues at this pace, it will leave US citizens extremely vulnerable to a range of risks.

While those who are already vaccinated are protected, the virus is still spreading and it still represents a great danger. The continued spread is even more dangerous for those who can’t get vaccinated or didn’t receive sufficient protection from the vaccines (if they’re immunocompromised).

It’s very important to understand why the minority of the population doesn’t want to get the vaccine, in order to overcome those reasons. Here’s why some people don’t want to get vaccinated:

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