Health Horoscope – What Does Your Zodiac Sign Reveal About Your Health?

By The Captain June 24, 2020


Health Horoscope – Zodiac signs and health

Is everything really written in the stars? Science may say otherwise but astrologers think there is a strong connection between zodiac signs and people’s lives (love, work, health). According to medical astrology, each sign is associated with different parts of the body, diseases and methods to prevent and treat them.

You don’t have to believe in astrology to notice certain similarities between people’s astrological signs and their health patterns. From the depressive Cancer to the accident-prone Sagittarius, discover what the stars have to say about zodiac signs and health and decide for yourself if they got it right or not.


Health Horoscope - Aries Health Horoscope – Aries (March 21 — April 20)

Body parts ruled by Aries: head, brain, face

Ariens are the type of people who face challenges head-on, therefore, most of their health issues are with their noggin. Ariens are prone to headaches migraines and strokes, particularly the ones caused by stress. Indigestion caused by the fact that they are speed eaters can also give them a hard time.

Because Ariens are often stressed and tense, they should focus on stress-relieving methods like these 4 super relaxing exercises.


Health Horoscope - Taurus Health Horoscope –  Taurus (April 21 — May 21)

Body parts ruled by Taurus: neck, ears, throat

Taurus, the mighty bull, is susceptible to suffering from frequent episodes of sore throats, earaches, and colds. The sign is also associated with the thyroid gland that’s why many Taureans can gain weight easily.

But don’t blame the extra pounds only on an underactive thyroid! Taurus people adore comfort food and desserts and have a tendency to overeat. If you have weight issues, here are 8 Simple and Efficient Ways to Control Your Eating.


Health Horoscope - Gemini Wellness CaptainHealth Horoscope – Gemini (May 22 — June 21)

Body parts ruled by Gemini: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands

Geminis don’t worry for every little scratch, but their active and dynamic lifestyles make them prone to minor accidents involving the upper limbs and necks. No wonder, considering how much they use their hands to communicate! Their lifestyle can also trigger unwanted colds and respiratory issues, therefore smoking is a big no-no in their case.

When they cannot express their thoughts and opinions, Gemini people become nervous and worried which can lead to anxiety attacks, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion.


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - CancerHealth Horoscope – Cancer (June 22 — July 22)

Body parts ruled by Cancer: breasts, chest, stomach

The overly sensitive Cancer is susceptible to health issues influenced by emotions. Mood swings, depression, and emotional eating are common occurrences among Cancer natives. They also need to watch out for colds and infections. Needless to say, they should avoid smoking if they know what’s good for them!

Repressed feelings can cause Cancers various digestive issues such as indigestion and acid reflux. Taking extra care of their mind and feelings in order to maintain their health and wellbeing should be essential for Cancer natives!


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain LeoHealth Horoscope – Leo (July 23 — August 21)

Body parts ruled by Leo: heart, back, spine, blood

Hear me roar! The mighty Leos usually takes good care of themselves but because they like to be seen and admired, they tend to work too much and weaken their immune system. Sticking their chest all the time can lead to back problems high blood pressure, or irregular heartbeats. In fact, these natives have a greater risk of heart attacks than all the other zodiac signs.

If you are a brave Leo, find a comfortable and warm place to relax and meditate. Or build your very own zen-like meditation room in your home!


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain VirgoHealth Horoscope – Virgo (August 22 — September 23)

Body parts ruled by Virgo: abdomen, intestines

Virgos are quite hypochondriac and tend to worry about every small thing, which can lead to problems concerning the abdomen, intestines and nervous system. Virgo natives are control freaks thus, they try to control what they put into their bodies, but this does not make them less susceptible to food allergies, eating disorders, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

If you are a Virgo, continue to focus on your diets and digestive system and learn how to make the healthiest choices for your eating pattern and lifestyle.


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - LibraHealth Horoscope – Libra (September 24 — October 23)

Body parts ruled by Libra: kidneys, adrenal glands, skin

Libra natives are balanced and prudent in all aspects of life, but they sometimes overdo it and can suffer from digestive problems such as diarrhea or constipation. Avoid foods and desserts that may affect your stomach and try these 7 Ways to Make Your Food Healthier Without Any Effort.

To maintain balance in their lives and take care of their sensitive organs such as the kidneys and skin, Libras should stay hydrated, especially during those long, torrid summer days.


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - Scorpio Health Horoscope – Scorpio (October 24 — November 22)

Body parts ruled by Scorpio: bladder, rectum, genitals, ovaries

The Scorpio rules over the reproductive organs which kind of explains why they have such a super-charged sex drive. This makes them prone to affections in this region, such as chronic UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial infections, despite their obsessive cleaning routine. Scorpio women are predisposed to an irregular menstrual cycle, endometriosis, fibroma and the like.

Scorpios are bad at expressing their feelings and emotions, which can take a toll on their immune system. If you’re a Scorpio, here’s how you can boost your immunity for the win!


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - Sagitarius Health Horoscope – Sagittarius (November 23 — December 22)

Body parts ruled by Sagittarius: hips, thighs, sciatic nerves, vision

The ambitious and agitated Sagittarius can suffer all sorts of accidents, especially in the hip or thigh area, because of their agitated lifestyle. They are also prone to developing eye conditions, making them even more accident-prone. It’s a good thing we’ve got you covered with these 6 Effective Tips to Maintain Healthy Vision.

Sagittarius natives love to party and indulge in rich foods and alcohol to the point where their liver could really use a break. Slow it down a little, my dear Centaur and ay attention to these 10 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Not Healthy.


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - Capricorn Health Horoscope – Capricorn (December 23 — January 20)

Body parts ruled by Capricorn: bones, knees, teeth, skin, joints

A Capricorn’s weak spots are the joints and skeletal system, despite their apparent strong bones and perfect posture. Because they are always trying to do everything on their own and out a lot of pressure on their bones, these natives are more likely to suffer from accidents and minor injuries compared to other zodiac signs.

If you’re an overassertive Capricorn, it’s ok to take it easy every once in a while. Consider adopting a diet rich in calcium and don’t forget about vitamins and minerals to absorb it efficiently. You can find some inspiration here!


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - Awuarius Health Horoscope – Aquarius (January 21 — February 19)

Body parts ruled by Aquarius: lower legs, ankles, circulation

Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum but this, unfortunately, does not protect them against injuries and ailments. If not, it makes them even more prone to sprains and strains in their calves, shins, and ankles. Aquarians may also have problems with circulation, edema and varicose veins.

The main recommendation for Aquarius natives is to take care of what they eat and drink and focus on foods that increase blood flow and circulation.


Health Horoscope Wellness Captain - Pisces  Health Horoscope – Pisces (February 20 — March 20)

Body parts ruled by Pisces: nervous system, feet, thalamus

Poor Pisces are prone to worrying themselves sick over things they cannot control, which often weakens their immune and lymphatic systems. Being a super-sensitive water sign, Pisces absorbs negative energy and doesn’t know how to get rid of it. All these toxic emotions can often lead to digestive issues, excessive alcohol consumption, and even drug abuse.

They are also prone to suffer from injuries related to movement, such as corns, bunions, and athlete’s foot. Pisces natives should learn how to manage their emotions and get rid of the toxins in their bodies and the stress in their lives.


What do you think? Do you believe there’s a connection between astrology and health? Do you see any similarities between yourself and other people with the same zodiac sign?

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