10 Magnesium Filled Foods That Help Prevent Heart Disease

By The Captain November 3, 2019

Prevent Heart Disease wellness captain

Prevent Heart Disease

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals that our body needs for healthy cells and muscle function. A magnesium deficiency may lead to heart disease, increasing the risk of heart attack by 53%.

The best way to maintain a healthy magnesium level is by eating natural organic foods. When organic is not always an option, your main focus should be to embrace a balanced, healthy diet that will provide you the necessary magnesium intake.

The recommended magnesium intake per day is between 300-400 mg, studies have shown that increasing this intake with 100 mg per day, can improve heart health and can help prevent other heart diseases.

Make sure you include these 10 foods in your diet and you’ll be just fine:


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