Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Kit: We Made the List for You (Updated!)

By The Captain March 12, 2020

pandemic safety kit

Maryland, Michigan and Ohio – all K-12 schools closed!

Gatherings have been limited to 10 people!

Sports events have been canceled!

As the number of corona cases continues to rise across the globe, entire countries, such as Italy and Spain, are in complete lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading inside and outside the country. The U.S. is facing its own cases of coronavirus with the death toll hitting 97, more than 7038 confirmed cases and authorities in four important states declaring a state of emergency. Find out more here!

The World Health Organization Declared COVID-19 a Pandemic

With the World Health Organization labeling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic a few days ago, people were advised by disease control and prevention centers to stay at home as much as possible and stock up on basic supplies of food, water or prescription medication, especially if they feel sick or have respiratory-disease symptoms. Authorities are even recommending people to make more of their purchases online, so as to avoid leaving the house as much as possible.

Therefore, a Pandemic Safety Kit is exactly what you need to stay safe and cooped up inside your home.

Here’s what you should stock up on in case of a larger corona outbreak and a 14-day home quarantine, according to the US Department of Homeland Security, the American Red Cross, the CDC, and other experts.

Pandemic Safety kit



The US Department of Homeland Security recommends stocking up with a 14-days supply of nonperishable food, starting with dehydrated meals and canned goods in liquid, which can be further used to prepare dried food like pasta.


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