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Weekly Horoscope – Best Prediction for 3 – 9 August

The Captain
By The Captain August 3, 2020

Weekly Health Horoscope!

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ARIES - Health Horoscope Prediction ARIES – Horoscope Prediction for 3 – 9 August

This Monday’s Full Moon is fully manifested in the house of future plans and group projects in your general horoscope, which means that they will concern you quite a bit until the middle of the week at least. Some steps taken in their direction will make great progress or even be fully fruitful. You may also be more socially active than usual, meeting people with similar ideals and visions with whom you form collaborations or friendship. However, you may not have that much time for hobbies or for your partner.


TAURUS - Health Horoscope Prediction TAURUS – Horoscope Prediction for 3 – 9 August

Today’s Full Moon occupies the career house in your general horoscope, which indicates that you can record some important professional successes or achievements in the coming days. No wonder then that you dedicate a lot of time to your career, that you show a proactive and involved attitude. You want to prove that you can do more, that it is worth opening doors that were inaccessible to you until now. On the other hand, you may no longer have the energy to display the same level of involvement in the family or household, which may attract criticism.


GEMINI - Health Horoscope Prediction GEMINI – Horoscope Prediction for 3 – 9 August

Today’s Full Moon is present in full in the house of philosophy of life, travel and study, which suggests that one or more of these aspects is a priority for you in the coming days. In the case of some natives, opportunities may arise to undertake delegations or to go on holiday at a considerable distance from home. Either you can enroll in a course or take steps to complete some studies that were once interrupted in the past. Whatever the situation, it is certain that these concerns broaden your perspective on life and help you mature.


Weekly Horoscope - Best Prediction for 3 - 9 August 1 CANCER – Horoscope Prediction for 3 – 9 August

With today’s Full Moon in the house of relationships and money, any discussion with your life partner or those you work with is expected to be about money. In the coming days, discuss investment opportunities and ways to make a profit. It will not be easy for you to reach a common plan with them, to decide on a strategy for action. The balance of power in your relationship is quite unbalanced, and against a background like this, the risk of taking damage is high. Try to fix the situation.


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