Traveling Safely: Your COVID-19 Summer Travel Guide

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By The Captain June 9, 2020


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Wellness Captain Traveling Safely Summer Travel Guide

COVID-19 Summer Travel Guide

Now that we’re halfway through 2020, I think it’s safe to say that most of us do need a summer travel destination to redescover the bright side of life. The past few months have been full of challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation is far from being over. Every one of us needs to get away, but is it a good time to do so?

In this post, we covered your questions on traveling along with a few safe(r) destinations you may choose. Let’s have a look:


Should I avoid flying? On what terms should I fly?

The CDC says that the risk of infection on airplanes is low. This is partly due to the fact that the flights currently operating are only 30% full, which helps travelers maintain social distancing rules.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization advises flight passengers to take every precaution measure they normally apply daily during the pandemic: washing hands, using hand sanitizer, wearing a mask and using antiseptic wipes.


Is car rental recommended right now? What about cruises?

Renting a car so many other drivers have also used may not seem like a great idea; however, it’s definitely safer than using public transportation! If your destination has this option available, do use it to move around.

If you were looking forward to a getaway on the ocean, I have some bad news. The CDC advises travelers to defer cruise ship travel world-wide, particularly for people in the high-risk category.


Wellness Captain Traveling Safely COVID-19 summer travel guide

Safest summer travel destinations in 2020

Picking the right destination is perhaps the key to enjoying a holiday without worrying about the risk of getting COVID-19. Here are a few excellent locations you can safely visit this summer:

  • Corfu, Greece. This country had 50 times less people infected than the most affected European countries. Its healthcare system has never been overloaded this year and it has more hospital beds/capita than many European territories. Sun, relaxation and unforgettable sunsets by the beach… what else could you need?
    Reopening for travelers: July 1st, 2020. No quarantine requested.
  • Cavtat, Croatia. This destination is the ideal hidden treasure for romantic getaways and family adventures alike. Croatia is among the countries least affected by the Coronavirus and its nearest hospital is only a 20-minute drive from Cavtat (and the airport is only 10 minutes away!).
    Reopening for travelers: July 1st, 2020. No quarantine requested.
  • Batumi, Georgia. There are 260 times fewer cases in Georgia than in the most affected European countries and I think that really says something. The region of Batumi has literally everything: relaxation by the beach, trekking, nature exploration, shopping, fine wine tourism and attractions that keep adults and children busy all day long.
    Reopening for travelers: July 1st, 2020. No quarantine needed.


Where would you like to go this summer? Leave a comment below and let’s dream on until our next real holiday comes along!

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